Ecstatic Dance – Rhythm & Motion, Music & Movement

Ecstatic dance is an ancient form of self healing. Our ancestors danced to worship, celebrate, and to commune with spirit. Today, we are beginning to remember the power and truth about using dance as a spiritual and healing tool.

Through the dance, we can heal our relationship with self, with each other and connect on a deeper level to nature and the elements.

While I dance, I disappear, placing my ego on the fire and allowing my fears to dissolve. Igniting the spark of creativity and trusting in my body’s wisdom to move in ways that support the release of stagnant energy.

Inspired by the rhythmic exhalations of the drums and didgeridoos and listening to the effortless inhalations of my heart, I dance myself into the "no mind” zone, with no expectations of how I should move, or what I should look like. I dance to dive into the places I hide from. To release myself from karmic patterns that no longer serve.

Ecstatic dance is a dynamic experience that takes the dancer on an inner journey where s/he can connect with other sources of guidance. It activates the memories locked within us that allow us to connect to our divine essence, our true self – where we soar into the knowing that we are one with the source of all love.

Ecstatic dance is a form of active meditation and prayer, held in a sacred container with an opening and closing circle. These journeys are accompanied often with live percussionists or with a stereo system and specially selected music.

We dance together with tribe, to connect and witness one another. To breathe, sing dance and fly free into ecstatic unity.

Within this community along the west coast, we are blessed to begin to have more opportunities to go out and dance in sacred space.

I knew the dance was a medicine gift for me, and at an early age I used to go to raves and bars, never feeling safe to really express myself through my authentic movement. When I first discovered ecstatic dance in situations where there were no drugs or alcohol on the premise, and where deep connection and intention was set, I literally melted into a blissful awakening of realizing, in that moment, that this is my soul path.

Many dance classes are often organized and most people associate dance with "learning steps". The magic of ecstatic dance is that every step you make is the right step. No experience is necessary and even people who are mobility impaired join us by lying on the floor and going on a journey while dancing within.

Ecstatic dance is a workshout for the body, mind and soul, so see you on a dance floor soon!