Emotions as Messages

Times are changing. More and more people’s awareness is being raised about our environment. We are learning to shift from being a disposable society to one that recycles and re-uses. We no longer throw everything out without any thought to where it goes. Many of us decide on purchases based on the product’s impact on the earth, both pre and post-consumer. We’ve learned that there is no such thing as throwing something away for good. We can choose between recycling, re-using, composting or throwing it in the dump. But the dump doesn’t make it disappear; it just hides it from our daily view.

Unfortunately this disposable mentality has also shifted to our relationship with ourselves. If an emotion is uncomfortable, we try to get rid of it–or hide it. If a thought causes us to suffer, we try to ignore it or replace it with a positive affirmation. If our body is in pain, we want the pain gone. If we don’t like how we feel about a person or situation, we often disengage. We want to be fixed and we want it now.

But like the products we use, there is always an impact which varies based on how we choose to deal with them. We can’t really dispose of emotions, thoughts, feelings and experiences that we judge as bad. We may be able to avoid dealing with them for a while but they’ll still be there, maybe out of sight, waiting for us to do something. So why not deal with them now?

Horses have taught me incredible lessons about being human and the true meaning of healing. The truth is our body, mind and emotions are simply here to give us information. Information that guides us back to our true self. There is no such thing as a good or bad emotion. There are only our judgments and our willingness to hear the message behind the emotion. The same is true for our thoughts, how we feel in our body and the experiences we have. Everything is information.

Over time I have learned to experience life from the horse’s perspective. The more that I see the things that make me uncomfortable as information, without judging them, the easier it has become to understand the true meaning of healing. We all have the divine desire to heal, which in essence is simply a returning to our truest self. When a piece of me is uncomfortable, rather than try to banish it from my experience I look at how I can help it realign with my higher self, with the real me.

For example, as a ‘horse person’ I have dealt with fear since I started riding at age seven. Until I was in my mid-twenties I chose to ignore my fear, push it aside and put on a brave face. As a result I had many crashes and falls that could have been prevented. It was when a pony named Breeze came into my life that things shifted. She refused to accept me ignoring, burying, pushing aside or putting on a façade when it came to fear (or anything else for that matter). I had no choice but to look at my fear head on.

In doing so, I began to really educate myself on fear, its message, my body’s reaction to it and the nervous system. This turned out to not only be one of my greatest learnings but a gift that has touched the life of hundreds of horses and humans. As I developed my understanding and relationship with fear I was able to take my work with horses to the next level. The gifts that fear shared with me started my work with healing traumatized horses as well as helping me develop my workshops that help riders work through their fears.

So next time you are feeling the need to throw away a part of yourself, whether it be an emotion, a thought, a feeling or an experience take the time to check out what information it has to share with you. Maybe if you give it the time and love to realign, you’ll realize it has the power to shift your life as well as the lives of others!


Jodine Buydens is an author, speaker and game changer who helps people shift from experiencing fear to living a joy filled life.