Energy Dancers Breaking the Rules Properly

On the front lines of our materialistic, technologically permeated society, how do we find balance, regenerate and renew ourselves? The pitfalls of hopelessness, cynicism, imbalance and/or even hatred seem to be inevitable, unless you never get out of your armchair. I don’t believe that we consciously look for hurtful things. Yet the way is often littered with betrayals, injustice, disease and politics. Is there a safer path?

I’d have to answer, "no” since I believe that we do the best we can in each and every moment, given our state of awareness at the time. If you believe the axiom that we are co-creators, along with Source, of our reality, then we must conclude that we are exactly where we’re supposed to be at all times. We’re thinking, saying and doing what we’re supposed to be thinking, saying and doing. That’s pretty cool. Yet, the other side of that cosmology is that we must take responsibility for our lives and everything made manifest in it. We have to own all of our reality. Yikes!

As an Austrian born female, my modus operandi has always been predicated on cultural sensibilities and ethics that included: be a good little girl, wait my turn, don’t speak up, work hard with my husband in order to get ahead, and sacrifice myself, including my health if necessary, for my partner. Wide-eyed and open, I plowed through life with the faith that my salvation was just around the next bend in the road. Did I say bend? Oh no, there was another avalanche that had wiped out the road! Why didn’t anybody tell me about that? I kept searching, asking for the real rules of the game so that I could play. I just wanted an even playing field. If I only knew the rules!

After some time I discovered that the name of a better game was, "Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.” Now that resonated with my gut. Yet it wasn’t about breaking rules per se. Rather, the new game spoke of honouring the traditional core while making room for personal expression. It invited playfulness. It reflected tacit balance and wisdom. It embraced an expanding truth where differences abound. What a concept!

Of course, the "learn the rules” part was the backdrop for many experiences. This platform, when unpacked, spoke of respect, the richness in silence, the value in commitment, and the importance of heart connections. The outlook worked as long as I was innocent and totally obedient. Under this banner, my personal validation rested in the hands of others. How many of us, particularly women, lose ourselves as we become subsumed in our partner? How often do we wait for the signal from someone else to play, rest and/or take time to discover ourselves? How often do we celebrate who we are, warts and all? It followed that the rigid and stark rules that I bumped up against left me increasingly bewildered and bruised. At times, I lamented, "Why did I have to get up out of my safe and cushy proverbial armchair? Why?”

So, from my first-family experience I have retained "learn the rules” as the canvas on which I have since been painting my self actualization. With a growing skill, I have discovered my personal technique and colours as I experiment with "breaking the rules properly.” The more I play outside the box, the more I experience contrast. And out of that, I discern what to leave behind and what to keep. I create a much more satisfying piece of energy art that embodies "Me.” This entity of Self keeps evolving in a fluid dance. As my colours deepen, I grow in layers of awareness. My Being swells in surrender to the Now while at the same time consolidates in peace.

These days I love having the capacity to hold the breadth and depth of a serious moment while still watching with an ever ready twinkle in my eye. With that approach, I increasingly dance to my own tune. My "Okayness” rests evermore in my own hands. Of course, my inner music isn’t tuned to be necessarily heard by others. But, it’s lovely to espy many others dancing to a totally different, yet sweetly harmonious, ethereal song. And the deeper we connect to our inner clarity, the greater is our body sense of a divine right to Be. We become more focused, fearless and powerful. We become energy dancers, aware and channeling Source. In the outer world, the recognition is instant and mutual. Namaste.

Keep in mind that self actualization is a process that gains momentum. At some point, the awareness matures into a definite "zone.” The irony is that despite becoming "other” in society, energy dancers’ expression of living sets them apart. In an environment that promotes conformity, the world eventually bows down to them. Energy dancers are not only heralded as graduates from the status quo, but are also embraced as leaders.

Lately, I am delighted to see an increasing number of energy dancers, honouring whatever expression that their communion with Source embodies. I recognize that "zone.” These people seem to be, more often than not, gentle, humble and quiet in nature. It’s awesome to be near that energy because that divinely unfolding universal flow is heaven.

. . . Imagine . . .an orchestra, known to have so much potential that all would be transformed through hearing its perfect melody. This orchestra is made up of countless numbers of gifted protégés, working at honing their Own skills. They realize that their challenge, firstly and lastly is to realize their own potential. When that sweet melody is achieved, after eons of striving for excellence, they are infused with a grace that lifts them out of the mundane. Their individual pitch resonates with everyone around them, fusing together sparks of genius with the tide of destiny. In this way, the entire company undergoes a metamorphosis. One and all have fulfilled their purpose. . .

Helena Green – Writer, Life Skills & Spirituality Coach, Ritualist, and Health Management Facilitator