Experience by Living

It was a Thursday and I was thinking about my day off on Friday. Friday is when I usually plan to go skiing but I didn’t really feel like it. As I was pondering what to do, suddenly, for the first time ever, it totally and absolutely occurred to me that I have the resources to do anything I want. Wow! I had finally reached my goal. If I wanted to, I had the resources at my finger tips to hop on a plane and fly anywhere, or go on an adventure ride, fish in the wilds of our beautiful west coast, climb a mountain, canoe, sail, kayak, build a dream home … whatever I could dream up, I realized, for the first time, I could just do it.

Here is the interesting part of the story: I was totally unmoved by any fancy idea. I had achieved what I had always dreamed would bring me a complete sense of happiness and yet, upon inner observation, I felt exactly the same as I had sometimes felt before: bored, unsatisfied, misdirected, and empty. Ok, I was having a bad day, but my point is clear. I realized in this moment that all the stuff I had acquired made no difference to how I felt inside. I completely understood the teaching that happiness is an inside job. I recognized there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing to have. True happiness exists within this moment, the Presence within.

I picked up a book, Soul without Shame by Byron Brown and cracked it open. Brown says there are two unique attributes of the human soul. The first is the soul’s extraordinary potential to experience anything that can be experienced. The soul is free from the limitations of being something in particular, and free to be anything. The body is limited but the soul is not because it is pure consciousness.

The second attribute is the soul’s capacity to identify with the experience of anything, as well as the belief that it is anything that it experiences. This consciousness of existence is self-reflection, knowing the self in this world. The forms in which our soul appears to us are much more familiar than the pure consciousness of soul itself. There is a tendency to know self through form rather than as a presence of pure consciousness. With this information I came to a deeper understanding that no form will bring a sense of peace and meaning to life.

I have traveled to the Caribbean and marveled at the number of people that hang out and watch life go by. They just sit out on the porch for hours. Why don’t we do that? Why is it that our culture defines this as unproductive and lazy? Lazy about what? Life? How is that possible? What are we North Americans rushing around for anyway? Where do we think we need to get to so fast? And in the end, does all our rushing around make any difference to our Being Nature? I doubt it. No judge in the sky is rating our life by how much we do. Heaven can be lived here on earth and I discovered it is independent of all the toys and money acquired.

I tell you what, I aspire to BE more and DO less. I aspire to practice Presence, tune into that free soul essence and allow it to be a guide through my days. If soul says sleep in and let that warm morning sunbathe my being, I will. When I feel like getting up, I will, and then I will allow inner impulses to guide my day and not some heady guilt or old programming. Right now I will begin, I will dance with the Presence wholeheartedly and celebrate each moment, one by one, and know that I am life, perfect whole and complete right here, right now.