Expressions of Love

In our world of form, I am amazed and thrilled at how love stands as the most powerful and pervasive element of all. For me, it shows up in a myriad of ways, depending on not only the object of love, but also the perspective of the "lover.”

Since all paths begin and end with the Self, I’ll start with how we may show love for ourselves. If you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I love you,” then chances are that you take care of;

• your body (by keeping it clean, exercised, safe and perhaps now and then pampered with a massage),

• your mind (by keeping your thoughts positive and informed by stimulating knowledge),

• your spirit (by keeping in touch with that relationship with the transcendent – whatever form it takes), and

• your social well-being (by nurturing positive relationships with other human beings).

So, when I love myself I am set up to love my dear ones, including my spouse, children, and pet. As a woman, I may pamper my spouse with that unbidden cup of coffee first thing in the morning, a nice meal, sharing a love letter or being sexually available. I understand that men typically show their love in demonstrative ways such as fixing my car, doing the dishes or taking me out for a nice meal.

I show my love for my child by trying to keep my "stuff” from clouding the way that I treat and react to her. In my clarity, I am then able to be emotionally available and properly responsive to her needs. Interestingly, much of my journey with my daughter has been about holding her potential in faith and love, while letting go of judgment or my need to be physically and emotionally connected with her.

Love for my pet Yorkie, Zoe, is not only caring for her physical needs (that includes food, bathing, nail clipping, and sweaters) but also taking her for a proper walk each day and making time for playing with her. She gives her all to me every day so it follows that I invest in her happiness too.

When I think of love for my fellow human being, I look at what is within my control. So I vote for a leadership with a social and ecological conscience. Every day I monitor if my walk is matching my talk on "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That includes not harming anyone on purpose and being tolerant of things that I don’t understand.

As far as the planet goes, I support the will and consciousness of those who hold the well-being of Mother Earth and all life dear. My part here includes simple things like recycling my waste and not littering.

Ultimately, I show my love for God, Infinite Divine Mind, or Spirit (and hence myself) by doing all of the above. Since there is, in essence, no separation in anything on an energetic level, I am conscious of living in the moment and being thankful for being alive. I meditate and give thanks for my blessings, including my freedom and safety, my needs always being met, my loved ones (family and friends, divine family – angels and guides, power animals, and Zoe), my health, my abundance and the beautiful part of the world that I call home.

I also understand that love for Spirit can show up as having a deep appreciation for the wonder and magic of nature. Some people pray in a church. Others sacrifice themselves on the altar of service in its many forms. It’s all good.

The bottom line is that it all feels great. Love’s expression resonates with the core of who we are at our best and truly, "makes the world go ‘round.”

Helena Green is a freelance writer in Nanaimo.