Fact: 85% of Women Are Wearing the Wrong Size Bra… Are You?

Many of us are increasingly becoming aware of the discomfort of an ill-fitting bra, but are unaware of the health risks and cosmetic effects that can manifest in the form of breathing difficulties, skin problems, back and neck pains and breast ptosis (“saggy” breasts), to name a few.

 Studies have shown that ill-fitting bras put stress on your bones and muscles that create breathing problems. Our breathing involves the use of the accessory muscle, which is located in the upper end of the spine and connects to the upper ribs. Consequently, when wearing a bra with an underwire that digs, the middle ribs are held much too rigidly, forcing the upper ribs to work harder than usual. As a result breathing is restricted.

 Another risk caused by digging underwires is the impediment of lymphatic drainage and flow, whose function is crucial to the immune system as it rids our breasts of toxins. Lumps or lesions on the skin, known as lipomas, are also attributable to ill-fitting bras, as well as poorly designed hardware technology that harms the skin. An orthopedic bra can help with all of these issues.

 Shoulder, neck and back pains experienced by many women may just be the result of constant strain on the trapezius muscle group. This muscle group connects the neck to the shoulder. If a bra provides insufficient support to the correct places, these muscles react by tightening in order to manage the weight of the breasts. The support of a bra must come from underneath the breasts and not from the shoulder straps. 

 People are realizing that bras are not just covers for your breasts. They affect your posture, the way your clothes fit and your shoulder, neck and back health. Orthopedic bras come in 200 sizes, which is not the case in the retail market. Due to the customized engineering and design construction of orthopedic bras you will finally be properly supported. Orthopedic bras are engineered to transfer the weight of the breast tissue so that it is supported by the midriff, not the shoulder straps. This puts less pressure on the neck, back and shoulders, helping to correct your posture without poking underwires. This directional bra gently brings the breast foreword and up to the chest which offers a slimming effect. As a result clothes fit better and your shape is improved. 

 Finally, among other preventions of breast ptosis, wearing the right, properly fitting bra is one way to maintain the shape and firmness of the breasts. Without proper support, gravity naturally begins to pull your breasts downwards and breast tissue is displaced. A properly fitting bra is known to support the ligaments in the breasts, which prevents them from displacement and overstretching. Above all, finding the right bra provides the comfort and support that breasts need, which ultimately works to enhance your attitude, appearance and confidence.

 With ill-fitting bras, sometimes the consequences are not immediately noticeable, or may be attributed to other things. Finding the right bra with the right fit should be your priority, so make a change today. A professional bra fitting is sure to improve your comfort, appearance and your health.

Lorraine Herle, a certified bra fitter, is the recipient of the Comox Valley 2008 Home Based Business Association’s “Business Of The Year” Award.