Feeling Good in Your Body

When we think about "turning over a new leaf” in relation to weight loss or fitness, we automatically think of changing our eating habits or adding/starting an exercise routine.

This month, I want to encourage all of you to start fresh, change something else – develop a new relationship with your body. So many of us dislike what we see in the mirror, and some will not look at themselves in the nude without feeling sad or unhappy. We

want smaller thighs, to lose 20-100 pounds… the list goes on.

No matter what size or shape your body is, you need to love it and take care of it unconditionally. Why? The answer might seem obvious but we never REALLY think about it until we get sick or feel unwell. What does our body do for us?

Without it, we would not exist, we could not walk, see, speak, smell, touch, breath – we would not be here – literally. So, why do we not cocsistently feed it nourishing food, exercise it to keep our blood pumping and our heart and lungs healthy. Why do we

look at our bodies and criticize, hating our thighs or stomach? We should be looking at it and marveling that each day we are able to do the things we do. Ask anyone who has lost some aspect of mobility, their sight or has a degenerative disease. Even if our body

is not perfect, it allows us to do all those things I mentioned above and more!

How many bodies do we have? ONE! Remember that.

This topic is one that could go on for pages but there are two points I want to make 1) Love your body – and you in it – unconditionally and 2) with that love and new

respect you have for your body, start taking care of it the best you can – remember you are inside this body.

These 2 points go hand in hand. For those of us with a weight problem, we often do not like our bodies – and what do we do with things we do not like? We do not take care of them or acknowledge them. If we can love our body for what it is, we are much more likely to take care of it. This is an important point. No matter what your size now – decide you will take care of your ONE body. But, you ask, how can you start to love something you have disliked or even hated for years? Good question. Firstly, realize what I mentioned above. Secondly, realize that how we treat ourselves is directly related to how we "see" ourselves. If we do not feel worthy of care, we do not make our care a

priority, thus we do not eat right nor exercise. This, in turn, makes us feel worse, eat more, exercise less and ultimately dislike our bodies even more. It is a vicious circle.

To begin changing how how you see yourself, look in the mirror without judgment – see your body as a holding area for YOU whatever it’s shape or form. It is a wonderful body and it is helping you live your life.

Love it, take care of it, exercise it, feed it well, pamper it, massage it, treat it well. You will soon find that the more you love your whole self unconditionally, the easier it will be to lose the weight. Really think about this. If you love someone very, very, much you will do everything in your power to help them be happy and healthy. Love yourself that much.