Film Review: Chemerical

“Chemerical” – film by Andrew Nisker.

Chemerical was one of the most interesting documentaries I have seen in a long time. What made this film so powerful, was the poignancy of the pain that this family suffered from being confronted with the reality and addiction to having so many toxic cleaners in their home. 

chemericalposter  Chemerical is a Canadian documentary that offers a window through which one can voyeuristically witness people’s unconscious, unwitting choices and the many corporatist chemicals that they spray and smear about their homes and bodies.

  The “raw-ness” one saw and felt for this relatively ordinary family that the filmmaker had found through a posting on Craig’s List is touching. 

  Like for many of us, the first step was getting them out of denial, then anger and defensiveness and even bargaining

evidenced by their storing some of the old cleaners in the garage and, like an addict, sneaking out there when no one was looking to grab a couple, falling back on old habits. After a number of family meetings, a hurt and crying mother, angry teenagers and a withdrawing father and husband, progress was made. If one wonders if they were under house arrest with tasers at the ready, all they were asked to do was replace their toxic household cleaners and such with non-toxic.This is a wondeful story that we all can learn from and apply in our own lives, making changes that benefit us personally and our environment, which we all rely on for our survival.


Dirk is an organic farmer, agricultural advocate, public speaker and managing editor of Synergy Magazine.