Follow Your Bliss in the Divine Now

"Living large” taps into the finest expression of our potential as creative beings. It is evidence of excellence in a person that surpasses the typical or the mundane. What forms the aspects of our creative selves from which we attain such heights?

As human-"Beings,” we are comprised of not only the human form, but also a dimension of an eternal "Being-ness” that exits beyond this world of time and space. The mind and body are contained within the world of form while our aliveness and soul are reflections of our transcendent Spirit. This seeming paradox poses challenges to getting it right. Our worldly needs, as humans within a context of society and our environment, do not necessarily jive with our soul’s path. Another way to look at it is to locate our substance and actual living in an outward expression and our Being in an inward, seemingly opposing dynamic. How do we reconcile these divergent forces while empowering our total potential?

I submit that there are two ingredients in living large. The first is DOING whatever it is that ignites your soul. Joseph Campbell is quoted as saying, "follow your bliss,” in his recipe for living well. People who seem to have a certain uplifting aura about them – those who stand with the energy of joy and strength – are people who are doing what they love to do.

Yet people often reach for things, more money, and otherwise flippant indulgences to make them happy. Acquiring material objects is the favorite lifelong theme of the typical family in our society. Yet these folks don’t seem to feel fulfilled on any significant level. Their amassed trappings of materialistic lifestyles do not and cannot satisfy their ultimate search for meaning. They know intuitively that they are missing something vital.

The lucky ones are those individuals who come to understand the impermanent nature of the world of form and hence the folly of attachment to any part of it. Their goals of life centre on peace and/or finding that transcendent "zone” that one fuses with when embracing joyful action.

Life is not an armchair sport. Action in the world is the experience with which we actualize ourselves on all levels. So run and find the "doing” that resonates with your soul and do it with all your heart – and mind. Have the courage to follow your heart, regardless of how others feel about it. If you stick with it, chances are your critics will eventually not only relent, but also come on side with you. They might even follow your lead. You just have to put a strong and clear intention out there. Then take action.

Interestingly, the truth is that life, meaning and joy are not about things or whatever we produce as a result of our action. The world of form does not satisfy the divine aspect. What is the magical bridge from one to the other? The connector and second ingredient in living large is focusing on BEING in the Now.

Mahatma Ghandi said, "I do not want to foresee the future. I am concerned with taking care of the present. God has given me no control over the moment following.”

So we are still doing; still producing. That is our human journey. But it is our total immersion in the experience that grounds us within the ever-present moment. We are suspended in the experience (the journey) in a total awareness that eclipses time. In this way, we align ourselves with the divine that permeates all. We need both the experience (the doing) and the Being (Now – beyond time) to realize both our humanity and our divinity. Then, we are "in heaven” as we live and breathe.

At times, we take a step back from whatever "canvas” that we are painting our mind, body and Soul into, in order to reflect on our work. This process can be our undoing when the resulting perspective is grounded in the illusion of past and future. The present is no longer all there is. In other words, the dynamic that underlies the intention of living into and going forward with your dream is seated within a time continuum. As soon as we shift our focus from the Now, our energy is diffused. It loses its punch and power. Ironically, the resulting object or end-game of the work is inconsequential and irrelevant anyway. In any case, we become lost in concepts, beliefs and illusions of our minds.

So, the celebration of the moment itself as we create, versus any intention to reach beyond the present to a goal or product in the future, keeps us in the magical bubble. This focus transmutes a mundane experience in the world of form into a glorious (internal and external) expression of Source. Indeed, the universe is constructed to line up with and even nourish any sustained vision. It’s a wonderful, impossible, glorious dance that takes us back to where we started as babies. And when we live on that razor’s edge that balances both our form and our Spirit, we are living large.

By Helena Green – Writer, Life Skills & Spirituality Coach.