Freecycle: Release That Clutter

Soon after the winter season many of us start to get that urge to spring clean, I sure do. It’s when the sun starts to peek through the window that I then notice a little winter dust and dirt here and there, extra piles of books, nick-knacks and an over abundance of kitchen gadgets taking up space and causing me a little angst. After cleaning up that dust and dirt, an option for de-cluttering and “releasing” those clutter-causing items is to post them for free on Freecycle.

  What is Freecyle you ask? Freecycle is a nonprofit, email group with 4,663 of those groups located in many countries around the globe that you can join. Freecycle started in Tuscon, Arizona back in 2003 by Deron Beal who worked for a small non-profit recycling service.  Deron, along with the recycling group, became concerned about perfectly good items being thrown away. Deron and the recycling service members would drive around offering these items to charities until they decided there needed to be a better way of going about it. This is when the Freecycle E-mail group was born; a great way to bless others with items you don’t need, never use and need to “purge”. I’ve blessed others with all kinds of items I’ve de-cluttered. I’ve released clothes, books, curtain rods, a pull out chesterfield and many nick-knacks among others.  On the other hand, I’ve received for myself and others, scrap booking magazines, craft supplies, a pine coffee table and a fish bowl without the fish to name a few examples.

  So now when you start your spring cleaning and de-cluttering you have another option for your unwanted items. 

  To find a freecycle group near you, go to and then type in your city. You will then need to join the group. If you are a small town and a group isn’t available in your area, you may need to type in the city nearest you.

Happy de-cluttering!


Gwen is a daughter, sister, wife, mother and nurse who feels blessed and loves to share what she continues to learn about health, frugality and living a Whole life with others.