Freeverse Poetry

Moving Forward:

Moving Forward

Going Forth

Sometimes I feel addicted to going going going going going

Sometimes I huck myself into the unknown

Hurl myself forward without a thought

I feel compelled to go forward

I seem to manifest the best when falling forward going forth without a plan

The ultimate in surrender and acceptance seems to be going forward without a plan

Accepting, Surrendering that all will go well.

It is pure luck that all does eventually go well?  Or is it truely the universal plan and complete surrender and acceptance allows for true manifestations?

I like to be going forward when I am feeling so stuck.

Just the momentum feels good sitting on a bus with no real destination.  Where will I end up?  What will I do when I get there?

Sitting on the ferry watching the Amazing scenery and people bustling about the excitement of moving forward while sitting on my butt gives me a rush

Am I addicted to going forward with minimal physical exertion?  Is this the lazy way to feel as if I am moving on, moving through, moving forward.

The rush of going into the unknown adventures feels better to me then sticking in one place feeling stuck.   

The break from monotony works for me

Moving forward  Moving forth

Going into the unknown without a plan.  It is the rush.  It is a push, a shove.  The adrenaline I need to stay and work through the stuff of life.

When it is so hard, so mucky and messy, so bogged and so yucky

I take a trip.  I huck myself into the unknown for a day or two.  I surrender to the ways of the universe and manifest my needs and safety.  I move forward even sitting on my butt watching and participating.

I move forward embracing life.  Not knowing the destination.  It is the journey that holds the mystery for me.

It is the journey of moving forward that works for me.


Mover and Shaker:

I am a mover

a mover and shaker

I get depressed

When I stop moving

I get stuck

when I stop shaking

To keep balance

I need to keep making

efforts and attempts to keep

moving and shaking.