From Our Animals: The Courage to Commit

If you believe that we are all here for a reason and that there

is learning in every relationship and experience, then you will

understand animal commitment. Animals know innately who

they are meant to commit to. They know what to teach and

learn, and when to let go; and when they are ready to leave,

they do so, either by finding a new family or through death.

Cats particularly will often leave their current owners and

embark on a new journey with a new family.

Humans, on the other hand, are full of attachment to

relationships. Be it to old trauma or to agendas or expectations,

we are often so bogged down that our intuition has no chance of

being heard. Animals know that the more access we have to our

deeper knowing, the easier it is to make a commitment in our

lives. Our human relationships, our connection to what inspires

us, and of course, the animals in our lives benefit. So often,

they commit unconditionally to us, forgiving us over and again,

showering us with love when we need it and showing us exactly

what we need to see.

Many animals never experience the joy and peace of having a

human commit to them unconditionally. It seems only too easy

for us to break a commitment when things start to get

uncomfortable. As soon as their behaviour becomes disruptive,

they are passed along, effectively losing the great possibilities

for teaching and learning in the situation. These animals tend to

shut down, choosing not to connect to a human for fear of being

hurt again. Like so many of us, they find ways to defend their

hearts from further hurt, keeping them disconnected from their

human family. There is so much to be gained by helping them

find healing in this challenging and rewarding partnership, both

for the animal and the human. How many of us can learn from

and heal with an animal who has closed down their heart?

My mare Diva was one such case. For much of her life prior to

our time together, she was without strong human partnerships.

At 2 years old, she was very nearly sent to an auction for being

too strong-minded. Her next owner loved her but never intended

to keep her. At the beginning of our partnership, she made it

quite clear to me that she had no intention of wasting energy

committing to our relationship. Upon working with a healer, it

was understood that she felt worthless, and was not about to

commit to yet another relationship that would soon end. After

taking her aside and telling her plainly that we would be

together until one of us left this earth, she became a changed

horse, full of it to be exact! It was a profound shift. It has been

a very challenging relationship at times, but it has also been one

of the most rewarding of my life.

When we become self aware and understand how our internal

processes work, we start to see that when we feel

uncomfortable with something, it is often an opportunity for

great learning about ourselves. Animals, being some of our

greatest teachers, often challenge parts of ourselves that we

have buried or denied. The value of looking deeply into our own

shadow places as well as our animals’ is priceless to our

development of self. So when I commit to my animals, it is to

their highest good as well as my own. Beginning to understand

the true nature of your commitments to your animals and to

yourself is the first step to strengthening your partnerships. Find

the courage to commit unconditionally to learning and growing

with your animals, even through discomfort. The rewards are

well worth the effort!

Alexa Linton, is a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner, a Kinesiologist,

Reiki Practitioner and an Equine Sport Therapist. Her main area

of interest is in working with animals and their owners to

promote enhanced connection and balance.