From the Editor

Active living and summer fun! Nourishing ourselves through play is essential to staying healthy and happy. In a world where "busy-ness" is endemic, this edition of Synergy reminds us to take care of our spirits and nourish ourselves by slowing down and doing the things that are "fun".

We had a great time at the Synergy Social. Our annual event to thank the writers and advertisers of Synergy Magazine was a wonderful way to spend a Friday night. We planned it to go from 6:30 to 9pm, and it went longer than that. Most of the food was from our garden. It was an opportunity to connect, to network, to laugh and have fun. What we found especially interesting was how many people connected with someone in an area that they had been looking for ideas, input or support. The most fun for us was the diversity of people; and, the energy and ideas they brought with them. So we were very pleased with how it turned out, and are already excited about our next social. Oh yeah, the last people left at almost midnight!

Exciting news: we have just launched the inaugural Campbell River edition of Synergy Magazine working together with Jill Brocklehurst. We are very excited about this, especially since we have worked very hard on the mid Island edition for over three years tailoring this magazine to serve the needs of the readers. When we started out, we were only 24 pages, then 32 and recently we increased to 40 pages! So this new expansion is a wonderful opportunity for more people on Vancouver Island that are of like mind to share their talents and gifts for the enrichment of us all.

So if you have friends, family or business contacts in the Campbell River area, please let them know what is going on so we can all be more connected.