From the Editor

This issue of Synergy challenges us to ask for what we want… And when that doesn’t work, to have the courage to stand up and speak out.

Whether you stand up for your beliefs, rights or advocate on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, your contribution is invaluable to your personal growth and happiness, your community and society as a whole.

This past month for me has been an upheaval of sorts, a time of change that has resulted from asking for what I want… And putting out to the universe what I believe I deserve.

I’ve made a commitment to myself that I will not "settle for”, that I will not meekly sit on the side lines when there is much life to live and amazing people to celebrate with.

What I’ve learned is a huge difference between surrounding oneself with people who have a propensity for optimism and encouragement rather than criticism and blame. There is a significant difference between people who complain, and those who get off their duff and work to make a difference.

When I make reference to speaking out, I am not implying aggression or violence, but assertiveness and persistence.

Canadians are known for being polite and conscientious. However, there is certainly a line to be crossed when politeness prevents us from doing what we know to be right.

Sometimes it is fear that holds us back… Fear of being singled out and risk being ostracized by our community or loved ones. Sometimes its apathy or simply ignorance that prevents us from taking that opportunity to make a difference.

Be the person to speak out with a plan of action. Tell your politicians what is important to you and your community. Make the necessary changes in your own sphere of influence that will support your well-being and, in turn, that of your global community.

Live a life of significance.