Fruits of Our Labour

How do you like this title? To me it sounds, oh, I don’t know, perhaps like some religious prose that says if I work hard I will reap benefits. The word labour seems to jump off the page and scream at me. My life, up until now, has seemed nothing but work. Work and little play.

The book Boom, Bust and Echo qualified my feelings. Its information became a national phenomenon that demonstrated the power of demographics to help us understand the past and forecast the future. Profound implications are revealed for our economic and social life. I concluded my generation was all about lots and lots of labour with little fruit. I thought there was something wrong with me. My Dad had always taught, "The harder you work, the luckier you get.” Hard and work always seemed to go together and that is just what my experience was – work and hard. Where was the fruit? Where was the luck? Why did it seem so much easier for those around me?

I cried when I read the chapter on Generation X. Finally it made sense to me. The author, David K. Foot, concludes; tale end baby boomers missed the flood of job opportunities. Front line baby boomers where already employed and there wasn’t much left. That good paying job always eluded me. My seniors were happily employed. When I graduated I had to get creative.

In the end, as everything does, this experience served me well. My search for success, ‘fruit’, led me to question life itself. Since old paradigms didn’t work for me, I was determined to discover a deeper truth, one that survived the ebb and flow of societal trends, whether in Canada or any other country. This is what I have learned: The activities I entertain today are the foundations I build for my experiences tomorrow.

I got caught with my nose between the pages of a good book this summer. It was so good I prepared a family meal one handed, holding the novel open and reading at the same time. It is possible! Problem was I wasn’t real y getting any ‘work’ done. The old paradigm haunted me and yet I continued to sneak away, hiding in the warm summer sun in a lost corner of our yard, to devour a few more chapters.

I was mesmerized by the story. My work sat unfinished. With all I know about Cause and Effect I questioned the appropriateness of my activities. E-mails piled up, my bed was unmade and I just had to give in, ignore it all and read. How was this activity building blocks for tomorrow?

I concluded: There is nothing more important than this moment now. All the joy, love, peace, success and health can only be experienced in the moment. If we get lost in ‘doing’ for tomorrow we will never reach our destination. Tomorrow will always remain just out of reach.

Our experience ‘being’ is where the true value of life is nurtured and all I could conclude is if I am totally satisfied taking time to read a good book, then it is the joy I find in this moment that I am growing. My labour became a labour of satisfaction and the fruit, leisure time to myself. Lo and behold, I was actually enjoying the ‘fruit’ after all.