Giving Back

Recently, through a spiritual regression, I came to realize the simplicity of giving back. It was something I knew intuitively but my thinking was trying to make it more complicated than it needed to be.

For me, giving back happens in the moment. Being present as much as possible with whomever I’m with or whatever I’m doing. Allowing anything to come forward intuitively. Being present—totally being there—with a client, family member or friend. Allowing the person I’m interacting with to be my entire focus. This isn’t accomplished as often or for as long as I would like. My focus is improving though, and with continued intention and practice, it might even become a great new habit.

Giving back can be something as little as putting some food in the food bank as the thought comes to me, or doing session work as a gift, or maybe doing some remote healing with my friends. I just do what feels right. There are no hard and fast rules for giving back.

Do you remember the movie Pay it Forward? A young boy develops a theory that could change the world. He thinks that if he helps three people, and they help three people, and they in turn help three people, and so forth, eventually the world will change. In the movie, the young boy dies doing a good deed, and his theory grows due to the media helping it along.

I’m really noticing the shift in consciousness that is happening all around me. Nothing changes until the consciousness of the population reaches that point where everything will shift. This is sometimes called the Hundredth Monkey Effect. A theory so named from a study of some monkeys on an island who learned a new way of doing things and once the hundredth monkey learned the practice, a shift took place whereby monkeys on other islands started the new behaviour too, without having had any physical contact. I believe that as more and more people become aware, the consciousness of the world will eventually shift. When this happens, giving back will simply be the norm, and may just become our way of being.

Have you noticed the increase of the shift in consciousness around you? The fact that Eckhart Tolle simultaneously had two books on the New York Times’ best sellers list is incredible. In the past, having a spiritually oriented book even make it to a best sellers list seemed impossible. I have great hope that everything is progressing as it should. It’s like polishing a beautiful gem. The rock needs to be roughly tumbled and worked to make the beauty and shine develop. We are all still in the tumble stage, but the tumble is speeding up. Jump in and get tumbled consciously and see what transpires as more and more people tumble. The hundredth-monkey effect will happen.

Ines Simpson is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Insructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists.( works out of the Waves Of Potential Clinic in Qualicum Beach doing both hypnosis and brain training.