Grape Seed Oil Extract

This is a success story of interest that I felt worthy of mention. My hope is that perhaps it will reach someone else out there and ring a familiar bell that will lead to a choice of personal health and wellness.

I don’t believe there is a cure-all. In my opinion, each individual is unique, biologically, spiritually and mentally, and so must find what ever resonates with his or her individual energetic expression to cure a condition, which has manifested as illness.

My previous article about Dr. Joseph’s grape seed oil extract was written at about the time when my Mom started religiously taking the oil every day. At the time, she was under a doctor’s care, suffering from high blood pressure and on medication to control it. She had also been diagnosed with a hole in her heart (Atrial Septal Defect), which was apparently present at birth, had suffered a mild stroke and had recently been operated on for a detached retina in her eye. My Mom went through a battery of health tests and doctors appointments. Eventually a date was set for another operation, this one to repair the hole in her heart.

While awaiting the operation my Mom had been under a great deal of stress and worry, but never failed to take her grape seed oil.

From what I understand the procedure consists of making a small incision in the groin and then a long tube like instrument is placed in an artery that will guide it up to the heart. This instrument is then maneuvered to the area of the heart needing repair. A small umbrella-like object is then opened and placed over the leaky valve, thus fixing the problem.

On the day of the operation we all waited for news of how it went. Late in the day I received a call from my Dad. The news was better than expected and in some ways quite a surprise to us and apparently to the Doctors as well. They had successfully maneuvered through my mother’s artery to the area of her heart that all the pre-ops had indicated was in need of repair. The surprise came when after poking around for a while they could detect no sign of the hole. The Doctors, miffed by this, withdrew their instruments, terminating the procedure.

The full scope of the procedure was revealed to my Dad as my mother waited in the recovery room. A Doctor said that he spent some time looking for the hole and while doing so, actually put a hole in the membrane of her heart, causing her heart to bleed. The hole they were looking for apparently did not exist.

They put Mom on morphine for the pain caused by the operation, but wanted to take her off all her high blood pressure medication, because not only was my Mom’s heart in good working order, her blood pressure was normal and her arteries completely clear.

So did my Mom find her cure-all? We all seem to think that she did. She continues to have normal blood pressure and no signs of any of the aforementioned ailments.