Grape Seed Oil; The Fountain of Youth

You never know when you might come across a new discovery, or by which means this discovery might present itself to you. Recently I went to Ontario for a short visit to be present at a very prestigious event, in honour of my father. He was being inducted into the Hamilton Tiger Cat Wall of Fame for his outstanding 11-year career with the team as an Offensive Lineman. For the gala dinner, a Niagara On The Lake wine maker, Dr. Joseph Pohorly had been commissioned to create a special edition wine and a label with a photo of my dad, in his prime, on it. Well at the dinner we all got to talking, and as it turns out, Dr Pohorly is Ukrainian. What a coincidence, so are we. When this particular breed, and by that I mean, 1st generation descendants of old world immigrants, meets, they are instantly recognized as kinfolk. Needless to say, new friendships were struck. During the course of the evening Dr. Pohorly invited us to the winery for a tour, little did I know Dr. Joseph, as I have come to call him, was working on a "secret” project. He had been researching the medicinal value in what was currently a by product of his wine industry. The grape seed and skins that are discarded as pulp and trucked away by the ton for composting or to landfill sights, could be utilized and made into a viable product. To achieve this Dr. Joseph is now converting the mass into a highly medicinal product that some refer to as the "fountain of youth”.

Grape seed oil and extracts are very new discoveries. Scientific research suggests grape seed oil stops cell damage and helps disease-proof the body. These small seeds have the power to keep us healthier longer. The latest research shows that grape seed oil is an antioxidant, effective at destroying free radicals, those bad molecules that roam the body and leave us defenceless against the disease of aging. This free radical process is one way oxidation occurs. Antioxidants such as vitamins E and C found in grape seed oil, often called free radical scavengers, attach themselves to the free radicals, blocking their damage. This process reduces the problems of oxidation. Grape seed oil is also rich in linoleic acid (78%) which helps to clear the veins and arteries of plaque. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential to life and good health, as they protect against disease and treat illness.

Active ingredients in grape seed oil and extracts offer protection from aging in several ways:
1) Grape seed oil keeps the heart healthy by lowering "bad” cholesterol and elevating "good” cholesterol. One study revealed that good cholesterol (HDL) rose by 15% and bad cholesterol (LDL) dropped significantly in one month by taking one half a tsp. per day, of Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil. This helps to keep vital arteries free of plaque that can cause heart attacks and strokes., When a concurrent check was made for high blood pressure, it was found to also have dropped significantly.
2) Grape Seed Oil can shrink some of the swelling from non-cancerous breast cysts, which affects about one in five pre-menopausal women in America.
3) Grape Seed Oil can shrink varicose veins and improve the skin colour and skin texture of people who suffer from circulatory problems in two ways: it acts as a catalyst for Vitamin C, which promotes softer smoother skin and it increases the flow of nutrient-rich blood to all areas of the body, including the extremities.
4) Grape Seed Oil can prevent arthritis because it maintains healthy collagen, the fibrous part of connective joint tissue. When arthritis is present, collagen wears away, causing aches and pains for millions of North Americans. Researchers report that chemical compounds in grape seed extracts reduce the inflammation that cause pain. Some patients get relief overnight.
5) Grape seed oil can improve eyesight, by causing the small blood vessels in the eyes to function more efficiently.
6) Grape Seed products bring relief to millions of allergy sufferers because they help to block the release of enzymes that produce histamines, natural substances in the body that trigger allergic reactions.
7) Balances blood sugars, and aids in Diabetes.
8) Special compounds found in Grape Seed Oil can also prevent haemorrhoids, night blindness, ulcers, declining brain function, cancer, diabetes, hardening of the arteries and even wrinkling of the skin.

Grape seed oil contains omega 3, 6 and 9. It has the highest level of linoleic acid of any extract in the plant kingdom. It also contains vitamins E, C and Beta-Carotene. The oil is sold in liquid or capsule form.

I use it at night on my face and neck to make my skin feel rejuvenated. I have found nothing better for the relief of chapped lips, or a sore nose, due to a cold. One overnight application does the trick. My friend has found relief from joint pain, toe numbness, healthier hair and skin, and notices an overall sense of well-being . My Dad, after using the product for six months, says he’s looking a lot like his picture on the wine label. Is that the wine talking?

Dr. Joseph is the first one in North America, to use the patent pending process of cold-pressed Grape Seed oil extract, and because of a little dinner party in Ontario, I learned of it. What a discovery!

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