Great Transformation

Humanity has reached a crucible in time and space that holds a potential beyond our wildest dreams. It is very much like the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. How could one even begin to imagine that the caterpillar would blossom into such beauty and rise to fly in the air by looking at the appearance of the little creature crawling on a leaf? The transformation is so complete, as if to suggest that there are two different species in question. And yet the essence of the butterfly is there from the very beginning.

  Humanity has crawled slowly to this point of transformation. The part of us that prefers to hold onto things of the past may have fear in the face of what may look like total annihilation. But what is really happening? The promise of the ancient seers is about to manifest. The age of true humanity is about to emerge from the cocoon.

  The Great Seers have predicted this occurrence for a long time and have prepared us for it over millennia, working patiently and tirelessly to help humans to ascend their mind created limitations. In this time, one of the ways this has manifested is through the teaching of “ascension” that Maharishi Sadashiva Isham brought forward as he was tasked to do by the Ishayas. 

  The power of ascension is in its purity. It is not an invention from the surface of some recent person’s mind, but it has been preserved over a long time through a lineage of enlightened teachers. Therefore, it has remained as a simple and effortless technique to return to consciousness of the self within our own heart – it has been saved from becoming distorted by human interpretation and analysis.

  Now that we stand at the threshhold of this great change, we are being offered a unique chance to become part of this global change through learning to flow with the change in life. How does one flow with change? The simple answers are the keys to ascension – Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion. Those four are the basic elements of the song of creation. By choosing to align with these powerful ascending emotions, we naturally tap into the unconditional love that is the true essence of the human heart.

  To take flight as a butterfly after the transformation requires that we become lighter, that we empty the cup of our mind from the weight of faulty and heavy thinking. As we free the mind from past impressions, we will naturally experience the ever expanding currents of Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion. 

  The caterpillar has no way to imagine what it is to fly. It seemingly does not have the capability nor the means to do that. Similarly it may seem that humanity stands no chance in living beyond fear and control based creations of the mind. It may seem utterly impossible that we could be doing greater works than Christ did, despite his promise that it would be so. Yet nothing lesser is the reality of the human that emerges from the cocoon of this age.

  How does the caterpillar become the butterfly? By gently flowing in the ascending currents of the natural flow of life. How do we claim our birthright of full consciousness of the self? By choosing to move in the ever-changing earthly life in Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion. We are all butterflies in the making. The time to fly has come.