Habit of Health

Recently I was at a presentation by Dr. Hugo Rodier, M.D., a man after my own heart. This doctor was different! He talked about diet and supplementation which I will give you a summary of.

Dr. Rodier started off by saying you cannot separate health from everything else. The state of our health is a sign of how the world is. When you think about it, we have many new and different health problems coming up, just as we have many changes happening in our world. Some changes are great: service to others and innovative ideas; some are not so great: debt, pollution, and abuse.

He went on to explain that everything is light and everything comes from light. Matter comes from light. Energy and information equals light. The type of energy and information equals the quality of light/state of our world. That includes communication, relationships, food, health, etc. If our energy and information is superior, our world will be as well. If our energy is dismal, it shows up in our lives and world as ill-fated (illness, disease, disorder).

Let’s examine this from the health perspective. The part of health Dr. Rodier talked about was diet, but he could have just as easily concentrated on emotions/thought. Food comes from light – photosynthesis – if you remember your science. The plants absorb energy and light from the sun and nutrients from the earth to grow. If you eat animals, they have eaten plants that have absorbed energy and light. The quality of the food depends on the quality of the light and energy they have absorbed, which in turn helps us be healthy or ill.

Why? Because food is absorbed by the cells of our bodies for energy to communicate with each other and for coordinating their specialized jobs. If they do not receive quality energy and light, the 100 trillion cells become rigid, making it difficult to do their work. Think how well you function when you are not feeling well.

When your cells can’t communicate they TOIL. T – Toxicity. O – Oxidation. I – Inflammation. L – Less energy, light, and love. This creates an imbalance in the body including the pH which is the electrical energy needed for a healthy environment. The cells become resistant to the hormones/messengers trying to coordinate cells for what needs to be done.

Think of any hormone, such as insulin. What happens when you are insulin resistant? Diabetes! If you are resistant to insulin, do you think that is the only hormone you will be resistant to? Probably not. Diabetes tends to lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low thyroid, heart problems, obesity, arthritis etc. Cells, arteries, muscles, and joints struggle. Take any health problem and your cells are telling you they are TOILing – the food/energy/light you are giving them is poor quality. (Compare it to reading by a15 watt light or a 60 watt light – which is easier?)

In order to help our cells to function better we need to work at the root of the cause – heal the TOILing of our cells. How do we do that? I believe Hippocrates said, "Food is the best medicine”.

Will any food do the trick? Again it goes back to the quality of energy and light that produces matter, in this case – food. Low energy food will keep our cells TOILing.

What are low energy foods? Things like deep fried/canned/packaged/processed foods, food and drinks with lots of sugars, or no vitamins and minerals, or partial nutrients added back. They use up nutrients/energy that we have in our bodies to be broken down. This creates a lot of toxins (by-products) which create oxidation that leads to inflammation which leads to less energy.

The first step is to get off processed foods. Replace them with higher quality foods such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, lean proteins, whole grains. According to Dr Rodier, we need 13 servings (each the size of your fist) of fruits and vegetables per day. Do you eat that many? Only about 5% of people do. He went on to say, that if we ate like that we could eat as much as we want and would never have to worry about dieting again.

Our goal then is to get off processed foods and eat closer to the way food is actually grown. Until we get to that point, we need supplementation. To begin with, we need to fix our intestines. High quality probiotics, fiber and digestive enzymes do that. Then we need to give the cells the nutrients, vitamins/minerals, antioxidants, and omega oils they need to begin the repair process.

Robin Reid, Natural Nutritionist, Lifestyle Consultant, and Reflexologist. 10 plus years of service www.bluerosehealth.com