Healing Consciousness From Within

The message from all spiritual teachers, masters and guides is the same: wake from our slumber and bring consciousness to the unconscious. We all know – somewhere, somehow – who and what we are and I long to be truer to that knowing. I feel the need for humanity to evolve into awareness and will do my part somehow. 

In November I participated in a weekend of conscious healing with one such master/guide, Mada Dalian. I was inspired by the words and wisdom in her book, In Search of the Miraculous-Healing into Consciousness, and at the last minute – as is my pattern lately – I committed to the weekend.

Using several meditation techniques, we moved through our individual and collective resistance – resistance to change, resistance to growth, resistance to our innate goodness – some for the first time. Using breath, dance, movement and stillness, all meditative practices, we cleared energetic channels in our bodies, bringing to awareness our physical beings healing into spiritual consciousness. The purpose? To emerge into clearer truth and become an instrument of change and growth through diligent moment-by-moment awareness – releasing our fixation on things and, in the quietened mind, being set free.

I appreciated all the meditations, especially Osho Chakra Breathing Meditation and Osho Gourishankar Meditation ~~ I sit and breathe rhythmically for 15 minutes…just breathe…fill and empty my lungs completely… being present here …breathe in-hold…breathe out-hold. The flashing blue light for the second 15 minutes illuminates the third eye chakra. Open, open, open and see what’s there to see. The next 15 minutes is spontaneous movement to music – flutes and soft chants. I witness my true being and feel the expansion, joy, lightness and freedom of the place of no-mind – the emptiness that allows freedom from thought. Lying still and silent for the last 15-minutes I encompass the calm, the wisdom, the Self, and our meditation is complete.  

Mada says in her book, “The energy that makes up the universe is either conscious or unconscious. Unconscious energy has no self-awareness while conscious energy is aware of itself.” This gives me more compassion in that I can only transform what’s visible to me in each moment, bringing awareness to unconscious patterns of thinking and being. To see my own hidden or suppressed aspects and just be witness to them is the path to true healing and enlightenment. It’s really that simple. Knowing this helps my compassion with others too: when someone is acting or speaking in ways I would tend to judge, it’s simply an unconscious part of their whole and true being, unknown to that person at the time. We can only heal what we can see, bringing light to our darkness. 

The experience of stillness within and of witnessing all that is, is what we are and nothing needs to be added or taken. This is all there is! And awareness of one’s areas of unconsciousness begins the journey to conscious healing and ultimately to God/Self realization. For humankind to begin to experience itself in this light is crucial, because unconsciousness will continue to create pain, hate, war and suffering. 

I experience daily my purpose here: to continue to awaken to my being-ness. The light is coming from all directions now –Greg Mortenson, author and humanitarian, “promoting peace with books, not bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan”; the Federal Research Project giving homes before treatment to the homeless-mentally ill in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Moncton and Winnipeg; and ordinary people extraordinarily giving to those who need. Light illuminates darkness – we just need to turn it on.


Christine finds expression through writing and dance, and inspiration through long walks and solitude. “Writing is a window into my life, recording and witnessing – a continual emerging.”