Healing Naturally With Raw Foods

Throughout my life, I have always known I could be healthy. Although I had my challenges through the years, I knew that there had to be something out there that would assist me in creating the state of health I wanted. It was about six years ago, when I learned the lower discs in my back were deteriorating and I was told that I would be in a wheel chair within five to six years. This was not something that I would accept – not me. I was an active person who was always on the go, doing something, and was not about to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

As I was already working with clients’ nutritional needs for several years, I knew that supplements were not going to rebuild my back. I decided that the raw foods I was putting in my clients’s diets would have to go into my diet as well. These foods were helping people reverse all kinds of happenings – di-seases in their bodies, by simply changing their diets.

I jumped into a 100% raw food diet and was surprised by how easy it was: my cravings were few and the transition period was not a difficult task for me as I hardly ate any junk food or meat. Within two years of making this diet change to raw food, the discs in my back had actually rebuilt and had become stronger than they were originally. This inspired me to continue helping others in their quest to reverse health issues. Being a natural health practitioner, I could test their body to find what they needed to do to start the changes in their system.

Most people need to change over their food intake in a gentle manner. One must listen to what their body wants and how it wants to use these foods. Some benefit much more by juicing their foods in the beginning as their digestive system may be low and has a hard time digesting whole raw foods. In this state, the body is lacking enzymes and juicing allows these enzymes to be assimilated into the body through the blood stream rather than trying to digest them whole which can cause gas and indigestion.

Introducing the live, raw diet to the body in a gradual manner is easier on the person who is trying to change their diet. A lot of our eating is connected to the emotional system and is, in essence, an addiction. Therefore the body needs to be retrained to accept and want the new foods and eating habits. With our population experiencing increasing health challenges, the raw food diet is certainly an option to seriously consider.

Even the bible states that the living greens, fruit, nuts and seeds are put on this earth for human kind and animals to ingest for their foods. Is there a message there for mankind and his ways?

Habits can be hard to break; but the rewards for doing so can be incredible. Sometimes we see the need, but do not want to change. Introducing new eating habits may take a while; but there are definite, positive benefits to changing our eating habits before the onslaught of dis-ease sets into the body.

To heal the body, we must remember to work with the whole self, including the emotional self, to eliminate past hurts and traumas that the body may be carrying. Although some of these emotions and traumas may not even be in our direct awareness, the effects show up as illnesses and pains.

Live, raw foods can turn one’s health around whether it be chronic problems, emotional problems, weight problems, or pain problems such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, etc. Food really does help the body to clean, rejuvinate and rebuild. And prevention is the best cure.

Elyse Nuff S.T.,C,L.R.C.,N.H.P. is the authour of the book "Alive`n Raw”…As Nature Intended Live Raw Food Nutritionist, Teacher, Natural Health Practitioner, Visionary, Healer, Researcher, Facilitator, Inspirationist. She can be reached via phone, 250.220. 2099, email at eekc@ssisland.com or visit: www.realr-awesome.com.