Health, Wealth, Abundance, Creativity, Self-Esteem and Love

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein


I recently met a very interesting 40 year old woman who, during the course of our conversation, shared with me something which, after having practiced medicine for over 30 years, I found not surprising at all. She told me that she had been an insulin-dependent diabetic since the age of 6 years. Due to the fact that her diabetes was “brittle”(difficult to control), she routinely required at least 3-4 insulin shots every day and, at times, even more often. She then revealed that she was very afraid that a cure for diabetes would soon be discovered and, in her own words, told me, “If I no longer have diabetes, I won’t know who I am. Most of my life and my identity as a person has been built around my diabetes, checking my blood sugars and giving myself shots!”

The belief where an illness or disease is perceived as something desirable and worth keeping is known as “secondary gain.” What is unusual in this case is that this woman was consciously aware of her need to have diabetes. In the majority of cases, this need to be sick and have a disease is in the sub-conscious mind. Hence, the person is not consciously aware. However, his/her physical body always knows and takes its cues from the sub-conscious mind. Positive thoughts in the sub-conscious promote health and well-being in the body; negative thoughts in the sub-conscious (despite what the person consciously states), promote disease and sickness in the body. This phenomenon of “secondary gain” helps to explain why millions of patients, despite appropriate diagnosis and treatment, fail to get well and stay well.

After practicing pediatrics for over 30 years, I am convinced that the vast majority of us grew up in more or less dysfunctional families and that the majority of us, as adults, remain emotionally wounded and suffer from varying degrees of low self-esteem and low self-worth. This is why being extremely healthy, wealthy and happy is out of the comfort zone for the majority of adults. These same adults, to be sure, are constantly worried about getting cancer and having enough money. But at the same time, most are not willing to commit to optimal health or to fully accept the responsibility of having and managing great wealth.

There are only two emotions which affect how we as human beings think, feel, react and behave in any given situation. There is the emotion of love and its polar opposite, which is FEAR. It is our fear (false evidence appearing real) which causes us to feel “not good enough” and to be undeserving of true and lasting health, wealth, happiness and love. 

The solution to the above is both simple and profound. We don’t have to “do” anything. We only have to remember that we come from love (God) and that our true nature is love (God). And we return to love (Source/God) once our physical bodies can no longer serve us. Once we remember who we truly are, there will be an energetic shift and we will be compelled, not out of fear and obligation, but out of love and passion, to create lives of unimagined health, wealth, joy, creativity and abundance.

Published by Dr. Carl Ivey

Carl L. Ivey, M.D. is a parenting coach, motivational speaker, nutrition consultant and retired holistic pediatrician.