Helarion Energetic Alignment

Helarion Energetic Alignment is an amazing healing modality new to this area but very common in Germany where it is called Begradigung or Aufrichtung. Almost every town has a practitioner and as it becomes more popular over there, many doctors are recommending this treatment to their patients. It is highly regarded as a form of healing and one must still travel to Germany for training.

The procedure is a one-time treatment. This alignment opens energy lines to release negative blockages in the spine and pelvis. Individual experience a feeling of deep peace and harmony within. In matter of seconds, legs of different length become equal and sloping shoulder blades become straight. The visible and demonstrable energy healing through the straightening is unique and appears to be permanent.

There is no manipulation of the skeleton, no technique or method, results come solely through the power of energy. This procedure can be used for different reasons:

Blockage in the spinal column.

Changed body static, crooked neck, scoliotic pelvis, shoulder blades and legs of different lengths.

Mental and psychological symptoms.

Knock-knees and more…

Most people are astounded at how balanced they feel and how they walk after the treatment. This is perhaps because it is quite common to have legs of different lengths. Many people report they don’t have back pain when they get up in the morning anymore, that pain in one shoulder that always hurt over the years disappeared.

Success has been observed with hyper active children. Many of them were temporarily stuck in the birth canal and hence were born with imbalances. Often a simple adjustment gets them back on track, to focus once again on the important reasons why they choose to come to earth in these accelerated times.

Horseback riders note a difference in their balance sitting in the saddle. In fact the treatment is equally effective for the horse! Many are aware that horses are considered to be healers themselves hence they also appreciate a ‘tune-up’ to compensate for misalignments from carrying people on their backs all day. What a joy to be able to assist these beautiful beings, who share so much love with the world.

We are meant to live in line, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Working in one realm assists the other. This is what is meant by Holistic healing; it recognizes individuals as a complete matrix, one realm feeding or draining the other. To live in balance is to live in peace.