Home Sweet Home

I write this article feeling relaxed, peaceful and cuddled into my new home on an acreage in Cobble Hill. It is my dream home, complete with massive windows, out of which I can see my horses, and is appropriately named Acres of Grace. It has been an interesting journey to get here, and as we all know, the universe works in funny ways. Let’s just say that there are times when I envy the person who has grown-up in and continues to live in the same home for their entire lives. Yes, I’ve moved many times in my not so long life. And yet, every place I’ve lived has been an opportunity ripe with learning and growth. Decreasing more each time is the resistance I feel to the change underway, thank goodness. This place, where I feel so at home, came about by chance through a friend and could have been just as easy to pass by. So often, opportunities come up and we are too comfortable with our uncomfortable comfort zone (try saying that 10 times fast) to make a change. Many of my sessions with people are working with exactly that, the fear of moving forward, of change and the unknown, which keep us stuck in situations that are no longer working for us. 

  Watching my animals transition to the recent change has fostered yet more respect for their ease in acceptance of positive change. The dogs, of course, jumped out of the car, sniffed around, raced around chasing each other and promptly found their beds and food. No fuss, no muss. My cat, always the trickiest of the bunch when it comes to moving (as cats usually are) splayed his feet and meeooowed as I placed him in the hated carrying cage, exited promptly when we arrived at our destination and spent a half day firmly planted in the corner of the closet. After that he came out, he found his essentials and was content to sleep with me that night and sunbathe in the window the next day. The most surprising was my mare Diva who sometimes puts up a bit of a fuss about trailering on her own. After trying to find another horse to make the journey with her, we ended up going without and were unsure of how long an adventure we were in for. Well, wouldn’t you know it, she jumped right in, as if to say “let’s go home” (Diva has been boarded out for over 3 years until this very recent move). She then walked out of the trailer and quickly proceeded to make friends with the other horses on the property, choosing a very handsome 17 hand gelding for her new paddock mate. For every one of them there was a sense that they knew this was the right place to be. All of them are peaceful and content, perhaps because I am.

  Let’s take a human example now. We’ll use the concept of moving as it has the potential to be stressful. For many of us, the mere thought of it reduces us to reptilian brain thinking (comfort, comfort and more comfort) which means we are about as far away from our heart and “going with the flow” as possible. So, say we get past the initial fear. We begin to pack and long before that we begin to worry. We worry about how long it will all take and how the animals will respond and who the neighbours will be. Then we worry about whether the colour of paint matches the furniture and about things breaking in transport. You see the pattern? Our animals, lucky things, don’t worry. They just arrive, transition and get back to the business of being themselves. Imagine for a moment how much energy is wasted on worrying about things that we cannot control. Astonishing really when you think about it. 

  Here is what my short years of experience with moving and other transitions has shown me. First, don’t worry, especially about your animals. If you’re worried, they are worried, and if you’re happy, they are happy. It’s that simple. Second, new beginnings are nothing but opportunities for learning and trusting. Third, we can’t control what will happen, so just let go and enjoy the adventure! And lastly, give yourself the time you need to settle into your new beginning. Grab a cup of tea and a warm animal and take a moment or two (or maybe a week) to allow yourself to re-centre and re-calibrate. Maybe even treat yourself to a relaxing massage and/or some energy work to help your body and mind make a smooth transition free of tension and resistance. And above all step boldly in the direction of your dreams (insert super hero arm here)!

Alexa Linton, is a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner, a Kinesiologist, Reiki Practitioner and Equine Sport Therapist.

Published by Alexa Linton

Alexa Linton, is a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner, a Kinesiologist, Reiki Practitioner and an Equine Sport Therapist. Her main area of interest is in working with animals and their owners to promote enhanced connection and balance.