How To Garden With Your Kids

There are a few tips I have learned over time, while trying to cultivate a garden with my children. This can be a difficult task because gardening takes time and focused energy, which is not in abundance when you have small children. 

  For me and my family gardening is a way to feed us in a earth friendly way – it’s all organic and lessens our carbon footprint. However, working with my children has been a challenge that I have learned to work with. Here are some tips I have learned in order to make it fun for all of us: 

Make sure you are all protected from the sun – sunscreen, hats and lots of drinking water. 

Get your kids work gloves and small garden tools. They will want what you have so it is easier for everyone to have their own rather than try to share one set. 

Give your kids some seeds that they can plant. Sometimes I give my kids the leftover seeds from last year or flower seeds because you can generally get them fairly inexpensively. 

Let them plant their seeds wherever they want. Sometimes they will plant them all over and sometimes they will just dump them in a one place. Just let them enjoy the act of planting rather than get them to do it the way you want to. 

  Gardening with children can be enjoyable and rewarding if you relax and remember that it is a part of a process. Cultivating a garden is beneficial for children, parents, grandparents and our community. Above all else, remember to have fun!


Angie Thomson is a mother of two, working towards self sufficiency.