Humanity Man – Can’t Live Without?

I have a friend who claims he barely survived the NHL lockout.

I have a co-worker who simply CANNOT get by without her daily Tim Horton’s Earl Grey tea.

I have another acquaintance who can never ever, ever miss an episode of the T.V. show Glee.

How about you, my fellow zombie, who I am overjoyed has chosen to join me here once again? What is something you believe you couldn’t live without?

While you ponder that, I will do the same. (Please don’t insert the Jeopardy song here, as it merely causes an anxious feeling. Take your time and think about it.)

Okay, how’d you do? Did you go down the route of materialistic ideas similar to the ones mentioned earlier, or did you explore a more spiritual path?

Of course, since we’re all unique zombies we will have different viewpoints on what it is we ‘cannot live without.’ Some of us pragmatic zombies will opine that we can’t live without air and water; other of us more romantic zombies will feel we can’t live without our spouses, kids, or pet Chihuahua; while the cynical zombie side will merely snort and say, ‘Screw it. The game is rigged, the outcome is foregone, so give me a double scotch and a good book to escape into.’

From my perspective, I’m at a time in my life where perspective is at (or very near) the top of the list of things I can’t and won’t live without.

With perspective, I can wallow in resignation that our beautiful planet is dying a needless death or I can feel empowered when I write a letter to an editor or support a group trying to save the only planet we have. I can whine about my bosses or I can take an active role in my union and try to improve the working lives of myself and my co-workers. I can curse my yard work or marvel at nature’s beauty.

This way of thinking has been called many things: Making lemonade from lemons, one person’s trash is another’s treasure, and so on.

I feel it’s SO much more than that, though. My wife and I have a wall hanging that you see immediately when you enter our home.

‘Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s

about learning how to dance in the rain.’

Believe me, my fellow zombie, it’s not nearly as easy to train the brain to buy into this concept as it may seem at first glance. I’ve been training for years and have yet to master it.

But week by week, day by day, minute by minute, I am getting better and better at it, realizing that whether it’s happy or sad or tragic or boring, each and every moment is more precious and valuable than anything else you could place in front of me.

And that, my dear zombie, is something that I definitely cannot live without.

Humanity Man resides on this beautiful yet goofy planet we call earth. He likes peace, happiness, and doing the tango in the precipitation. He dislikes war, hurt, and not having perspective. Any comments, ideas, etc. can be forwarded to him through this awesome magazine.