Humanity Man – Summer

Why, hello there, my fellow zombie. I can’t thank you enough for deciding to join us here again. I hope and trust all is well with you.

Actually, I do more than assume all is well with you. I know all is well with you, because all is well with every single one of us zombies at this time of year. We’ve heard, we’ve tasted, we’ve felt summer coming through this last eleven-teen months of rain and wind and rain and more rain and now here she is, making her grand, annual entrance.

Lady zombies and gentlemen zombies, may I introduce… Summer! Ta-daaaaa!

Summer is the most gorgeous and amorous season of all, especially for we who inhabit a climate such as ours. Oh sure, I (and I suspect you) appreciate the beauty, grandeur, and traditions of the other three seasons—but let’s be realistic here. From a straight weather-related coloured lens, Lady Summer is Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Monet all rolled into one while Spring, Autumn, and grumpy Old Man Winter are all sketchy drawings of dogs playing poker.

But this is all understandable right? I mean sure, there’s nothing inherently wrong with the diversity of our four seasons (rain, cold rain, warm rain, sun!), but what’s wrong with celebrating the number one season of all just a little bit more?

And is there a better way to show our appreciation of Lady Summer than by hitting the lake, doing a little camping, or barbequing on the back deck with family and friends?

Ha ha, I didn’t think so. Lady Summer is the perfecto, numero uno season in which to, well, become dis-engaged.

Now, this is where I must pause, my fellow zombie, and wonder when it is we are all truly active in the big picture. Sure, we’re always engaged in the things close to home like family, friends, and our jobs, but are the majority of us zombies ever fully engaged, regardless of the season?

In the past four seasons, how many of us have spoken up or joined a cause just because it was the right thing to do? How many have contacted our local councils, MLAs, MPs, or even the editor of our local papers to add our voices to an injustice? Honestly, how many of us zombies even went out and voted in the past four seasons? (Just over 50% of you can quit patting yourself on the back, too, my fellow voting zombies. While yes, it was awesome that we fulfilled a basic civic duty, it wasn’t like we stopped war, cured a disease, or ended hunger.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, we were discussing the exquisiteness of summer and how it’s the perfect time to let our hair down, don the ol’ flip flops, and enjoy the carefree days of summertime. And for all of us zombies who have been engaged in bigger things than watching ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, we deserve to do just that.

But for all you other fellow zombies, I’ve got an idea for you. See, if you’ve spent the past three seasons navel gazing, then this summer would be a great time to dis-engage from being dis-engaged. To simplify, now is your time to be engaged in the bigger world around you.

It’s easy to do, too. You can start simply by being nice to others. Just be kind. That goes a lot further than you may think.

If that’s too easy, go volunteer somewhere, join a cause, just do something for Buddah’s sake, as you’ve spent the last three seasons in a self-absorbed cloud of toxic goo.

Swim free from that cloud, and come join your other fellow zombies, who, after three seasons of being involved, being engaged, being kind to people, animals, and our beautiful planet, are enjoying an ice cold beer or a glass of wine amongst our friends and family on the patio.

Happy Summer, everyone!


Humanity Man lives on this zany yet wonderful planet we call Earth. He likes peace, love, and Lady Summer. He dislikes war, hate, and grumpy Old Man Winter. Feel free to contact him with comments, ideas, etc. through this magazine.