Humanity Man – Taking Stock

Nice to see you again, my fellow zombie. I hope all is well with you.

  What’s your favourite time of year to sit back and take stock of your life? I know everyone feels the tug at different times. For some of us, it’s New Year’s, the first day of a brand new year. For others it may be a special family event where one does this. For some it may be the morning following a helluva whiskey bender and you’re wondering just where the heck your vehicle and underwear are? (And,quite honestly, if a missing car and lost gonchies isn’t a time to take stock of your life, I don’t know when a good time is.)

  Anyway, for me, it’s the month of May in which I partake in my yearly ritual of sitting back and going over my checks and balances in that quirky ledger we call life. Now, I’m not talking about something as shallow as measuring a person by the number of possessions one has. I know some uber-jerks who have nice houses, fancy vehicles, and 100 inch T.V. screens. I also know some beautiful people who live in campsites. Vice versa, too.

  No, I’m more following the path of that cheesy inspirational poster that tells us life is a journey, not a destination. This year, as I approach my 3rd Annual 39th birthday (that’d be for…for…forty-one for those of you with troubles in the arithmetic department), I find myself asking, “Self, are you a better person than you were a year ago? Are you helping the common good, not hindering it? And, by the way, did you really eat that whole bag of Cheetos last night?” 

  To answer any of those queries, I guess I have to ask myself what I have learned at this juncture of my road in life. And surprising the heck out of myself, I realized I have learned a few things on the way.

  I’ve learned that the fact that curiosity killed the cat isn’t an argument to not be curious, it’s an argument not to be a cat.

  I’ve realized that where we’re going is way more important than where we’ve been.

  I’ve been taught that if I’m too busy talking, I’m not listening very well.

  I’ve learned to do less, but be more.

  I think it’s always better to be more concerned about one’s character than one’s reputation.

  I believe keeping an open mind is great until your brains start falling out.

  I’ve decided that if I lend someone twenty bucks and I never see that person again, it was probably worth it.

  I’ve realized that giving forgiveness is far more rewarding than receiving it.

  I think we’ve watered down the term ‘genius’ greatly.

  I’ve learned that no matter how stressful, hectic and running-around-crazy my day is, all I’m really searching for is a comfortable chair.

  I understand that being alone and being lonely are two completely different things.

  I’ve realized that there is a difference between appreciating and ogling cleavage.

  I believe that, most of the time, people who say don’t know, and people who know don’t say.

  I’ve learned that of all the voices in my head, the one that seems to be least in line with my pre-conceived views is usually the voice most worth listening to.

  I’ve realized that there is zero connection between being scared and being brave. Any dumb-ass can be unafraid, but not everyone can be courageous.

  Most of all, at this point in time, I’ve learned that with the family and friends that I have, I am truly rich beyond my wildest dreams.

  How about you, fellow zombie? Care to take stock and see what you’ve learned?


Humanity Man lives on this beautiful planet we call earth. He likes love, peace, and Cheetos. He dislikes hate, war, and the federal Conservative Party. He also enjoys any thoughts, ideas, or views sent to him through this magazine.