In Good Company

I was inspired to acknowledge my cousin’s son on the occasion of his 13th birthday. This rite of passage is often overlooked for the significant transition that it is for both young men and young women, and I am honoured to share this offering of encouragement.



In Good Company


At the dawn of your growth as a man

You stand alone, in good company.

The men you know are forerunners.

Ask them questions, consider their experience.


The women you know nurture and love.

Ask us questions, evaluate our wisdom.

Your peers are unfolding alongside you.

Ask them questions, reflect on their values.


The self you are, you are growing into.

Ask yourself questions, embrace your answers.


In good company you stand alone on your own path.

Consider, evaluate, reflect, embrace. Trust yourself.


Your open heart reveals your depth of spirit,

Your open mind receives insight and guidance.

Your tears are your strength, washing away fear and hesitation,

clearing your path of emotional clutter,

refreshing your sight and lightening your steps,

as you walk through the mystery of life.


In all things, support and adversity, give thanks.

In all things, your experience, your wisdom, your values, your answers,

Express who you are.


As you walk your own unique path

In your own unique purpose

Know you are loved.



Lynn Thompson is the Host and Producer of ‘Living on Purpose’. She resides on Vancouver Island, BC.