Interview with David Large

We talk about pollution of the environment. We worry about the increasing toxicity of living in an industrialized society. We abhor the negative results from human beings relentlessly taking from the earth without proper care for its sustainability. Yet there is another field that needs just as much tending as the planet. It is the inner Self.

The truth is that we are pummeled with someone else’s advertising, marketing, promotions and ideas about various products, food, what is newsworthy, ways of life and ‘truths’ that we swallow without question. This message is what David Large, an accomplished hypnotherapist, key note speaker and teacher, has been relaying for twenty years.

"Be aware of being hypnotized all the time,” cautions Large. "With hypnosis, we make an impression (with deep suggestibility) to change and shape reality,” reports Large. "It has a profound impact.”

How on earth does this happen without our conscious knowledge? In a recent presentation on hypnosis that Large conducted in Nanaimo, he explained that the mind works on a ninety minute cycle, both night and day. At night, we complete a sleep cycle that includes rapid eye movement (REM) every hour and a half. In this way, it is better to have 7.5 sleep hours than 8.

I was intrigued to learn that this cycle is also necessary during the daytime. The cycle duration is the same but during the day, the call is for a 5 – 15 minute time out, i.e. coffee or whatever, to allow for an ‘information dump’ from the conscious into the subconscious mind.

"Every 90 minutes the mind daydreams and night dreams,” says Large.

Without these breaks, our minds become overloaded to varying degrees, depending on the duration that the mind is engaged without rest. He comments, "In this ‘hyper-beta’ state, we manifest mental disease, ulcers and/or pain in the body.”

There are four levels of consciousness denoted as wavelengths, namely beta (awake), alpha (waking up and/or going to sleep), theta (dream time), and delta (deep sleep). We lapse into a hyper-beta state when confronted with ‘fight or flight’ scenarios. In general, fearful information launches our minds into the hyper-beta state. The kicker is that in hyper-beta we are more suggestible, i.e. more open to embracing ideas that we are exposed to.

"Seventy percent of the news is fear based,” Large asserts.

These ideas are dissonant with living as a balanced, joyful and self aware human being. It is no wonder that North American society, with its sensationalized media, is imbued with loss and fear. It is subtle conditioning of the masses on a subconscious level. Yikes!

So Large’s message is to be aware of this state of "hyper-suggestibility” or subliminal hypnosis. We can counteract the fear messages from the media by taking conscious care of our minds. However we are able to slow down our brainwaves, we then may access the subconscious and, "Use simple techniques to stop the overload.” Yet, he does not wish to discount methods of modern medicine. "We want to work with these systems, not negate them,” says Large. "The idea is to engage the mind along with using medications.”

David Large has a conviction and a vision of a leadership role that he, much like many other creative, tempered souls, is destined to play. For Large, intrigue of hypnotism, the workings of the mind, and the non-corporeal showed up at a young age. At age twelve, he purchased his first book on hypnosis (and inner workings of the mind), which would form the theme and passion of his life.

The messenger/entrepreneur has been part of the Vancouver Island landscape since his birth in Duncan in 1963. He grew up along side of his four siblings, within an entrepreneurial family where, "We all worked in stores since we were knee high.” Out of this engrained business sense and work ethic, the young man first embarked upon continuing the tradition of his father who owned a chain of grocery stores. But a family tragedy, his mother’s sudden violent death, toppled Large’s world and steered him back into the realm of hypnotism, self awareness and Spirit. For years, he sought answers from psychic individuals and explored his inner spiritual dimension. In 1988, he received guidance from a prophetic dream where, "(He) saw a train station with a building. In it was a store that sold metaphysical books and crystals.” In answer, Large opened the first New Age store on the Island, in Duncan. On the upper floor, he practiced hypnotism. Interestingly, it was situated on Station Street.

Very soon after he aligned himself with introspection and the "road less traveled,” he began to have other-worldly, profound experiences. At a native style ritual seminar that he was giving, he went into deep trance while chanting.

"I felt intense energy and the chanting took over,” Large remembers. "My ’awareness’ shot out into the solar system. (After some time), I thought, ‘I’ve got to come back.’ The fireplace fire exploded and I could see through the people there. That’s when I knew that reality wasn’t solid.” He went on to say, "(The people in attendance reported) the fireplace exploding and hearing sound coming out of me that became thicker. When I came back, I felt that I had all this information but didn’t know what to do with it.”

His search, then, was centered on investigating what else might be possible and what his purpose was. For two years, he co-hosted an alternative radio show in Victoria called, "Messenger Files.” Later, his journey of "opening up his shaman” included firewalking, sweat lodges, hypnotism and meditation. Currently, he is President for the Canadian Hypnotherapy Association and has traveled internationally as a key note speaker. As well, he conducts seminars and workshops across Canada. When he is at home on Vancouver Island, he teaches at his school, called "Island Hypnosis.”

His book, "Creative Meditations,” is marketed internationally. With 3,000 copies sold, the paperback (with CD included) has branded Large as a best selling Canadian author. A comprehensive array of products, including nine CDs ranging from Focus (includes Stop Smoking and Lose Weight) and Guidance series (e.g. Spirit Guides) to Inner Worlds (includes Love Thyself) is available at many metaphysical stores. They all embrace the advantage of tapping into the power of the subconscious while targeting insights, peak performance, creativity, self control and changing various behaviors.