Kokopelli Woman

I had a wonderful experience with Carol Keane the other day, at a cozy coffee shop on the campus of Vancouver Island University. We found a quiet corner next to the library and she began talking in that soft, caring and thought provoking manner she has. She was on campus that day for business and she took the time to sit with me.

Carol simply exudes calmness and togetherness. She is fresh-faced and full-spirited at the lovely age of 58 – she does not look her age, although she carries the wisdom of one much older. She is wise and intuitive. She dresses in a cool and colourful way. She laughs with her eyes and her smile is contagious. Kokopelli, the mythical prankster and joy bringer is the Goddess that Carol sees in herself. Her tattoo of Kokopelli above her right ankle displays her playfulness and signifies who she is, deep within her soul.

Carol has spent all of her life fulfilling her passion to reach out to others. She teaches people to find their purpose, through empowering them. She is very giving, compassionate and never judgmental. She is always curious as to why people are the way they are, and she knows that deep down we are all good and just need to get back to that good. She calls her gift Coaching.

What is Coaching, you ask? Carol calls it being a catalyst for people to get motivated to focus on their intentions and to ask themselves the question, "Is my thinking and my behaviour supporting my intention?” By asking this simple yet profound question, she gives the power back to the client to dig deep within themselves for the true self they were always meant to be, before they got buried under the ‘stuff’ of life that prevents them from staying in tune with their true selves. Carol’s philosophy is that a coach is someone who nurtures you; someone who wants to see you succeed in fulfilling your life’s passion and purpose.

Carol is also a trainer of "Non Violent Communication.” She is part of the worldwide organization of The Centre for Nonviolent Communication, where she helps connect us with what is alive in ourselves and in others moment-to-moment, with what we or others could do to make life more wonderful, and with an awareness of what gets in the way of natural giving and receiving.

She is the President of the Mid-Island Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association and she gives of her time and energy to see that those living with a mental illness have local services available to them. Through many fundraising activities she works towards finding solutions to the difficulties that these people live with on a day-to-day basis.

Carol models what she teaches and she mentors those who seek her wisdom. She enters your life, just when you need it, and she offers herself in a very subtle, gentle way where she allows your own personal curiosity to encourage your journey.

At the end of Carol’s busy days, she takes the small, slow ferry back to Gabriola Island where she lives happily with her husband Tom, Murphy the cat and Tessa the dog. She and Tom retreat to Bowen Island whenever they can. There’s no electricity, and no running water there – it’s the kind of place that rejuvenates Carol’s soul so that she has more to give when she returns.

But be assured, she is full of energy and her energy vibrates to touch others in a very meaningful way.

Peggy Friesen works in Human Resources where she applies her passion toward helping people. She does volunteer work in the community including the Crisis Line, Family Life and the Canadian Mental Health Association Mid Island Branch.