Lantzville’s Draft Bylaw – Your Input Needed!

Dear, supporters of food, food sustainability, food security and urban farming.

Your Input is Crucial at Open Houses This Week! We, and many others, feel that this draft bylaw was deliberately written in this manner to shut us down. It would allow for most people, who already garden to continue to do so. Conversely, almost nothing we do would be permitted. 

At the last council meeting, Councillor Dempsey announced they were going to “ram through a bylaw”. We feel quite upset about this, because all we — and others — have asked for was to BEGIN the process of changing the bylaw, period. Such a process generally takes 6 to 18 months… however, council is suddenly beginning NOW, in order to finish by the end of May. Five months ago, Al and Marjorie Stewart asked council both verbally and in writing on Nov. 22nd to begin the process. 

Here is the link to Al Stewart’s letter:

This week, there is an open house (the first was last night) is scheduled as follows:

Saturday, April 30th, 1 – 4pm at the Legion.

Here is the link to read the draft bylaw:

Here is a handout from “Friends of Urban Agriculture in Lantzville” (FUAL). Please note the comments and questions they have made in response to the said bylaw:

It is very important for people to come out to this workshop and give the District of Lantzville input as to what the bylaw should look like. 

Thank you for your past and ongoing participation, working together for the future of Lantzville and all its residents.

Yours in service,

Dirk and Nicole