Let Go and Let God!

A while back a friend of mine asked me, “Why do people live in the past?” The surrounding conversation, as all conversations between us, was sharp witted and thought provoking. What a wonderful gift to have a friend that can push your buttons and stroke your ego all in the same fleeting phrase. What would our lives look like if we didn’t have behaviour constables but were left to run amuck with our utterances and exploits? Hhhmmm, a tempting situation albeit a lonely one.

The question followed me into the next day trailing behind me like my favourite blanket sweeping my thoughts as they left my conscious mind. The adage that there is only love and fear came to mind with fear swinging its arms wildly for attention. Fear, the root of dire decisions, strives to surround itself with company. The larger the crowd fear gathers the better as blame darts are aimed at the outcasts. 

We can choose to join the crowd and live in dread of the unknown thereby avoiding the need to reinvent ourselves and create a new story. The old story is force-filled and is repeated over and over growing in energy with each episode. Alas, there comes a time to let it go and let God. A time to shift from clinging to old thought processes while clenching our teeth and re-living the pain to a state of surrender and acceptance. 

It takes courage to open our hearts and see love in our lives accepting that we do not control our fate whilst acknowledging that we do control our experience. Some of us feel a strong attachment to the victim archetype and play that role oh so well. The pull to playing victim is strong and it can seem far more exciting than peace. Our egos (Earth Guide Only) thrive on the power that victim stories provide and play down the pacifist alternative of love, peace, joy, and mindfulness.

When we live in the present, then the temptation to live in the past is a pivotal moment, an opportunity for growth. Our individual pro peace choices create a ripple effect through the entire world. We can change the world, one thought at a time, by expressing gratitude for the good things in our lives. Equally, we can feel gratitude for the low points we experience by seeing them as an opportunity to learn.  It’s not what we have done that matters; it is what action we will take from this point forward.

Without knowing it, my friend inadvertently created a ripple that flowed first through my mind and then through my heart to yours. The choice is now yours! Will you allow your conversations and self-talk to be filled with stories from the past or will you take action to create a ripple of love and peace? It really is as simple as letting go and let God. 

Rose Temple is inspired to share her spiritual journey with others by expressing herself through creative writing.