Letting Go to Lighten Up

What is it about a birthday, especially specific birthdays? In this case, I am referring to the ones with a zero at the end. 20, 30, 40, 50; all milestones along the journey, somehow more significant than the rest. I have just had the good fortune to arrive at one such opportunity as I enter my 30’s! Perhaps it’s just me, but I get this sense that something quite substantial has shifted. In short, I am ready to move forward in a way that has only been hinted at in previous years. Big lessons are happening and I am looking forward to releasing anything limiting or encumbering my forward momentum, not shying away from the discomfort. 

  It has, for some years, been a reality that I am actually trying to become more like my animals (which is of course, more like myself, minus the extra hair). I look at my mare Diva for example, and see that she is completely unapologetic for who she is. If someone is not able to accept who she is, she is quite aware that it is not her problem, nor is what they are feeling or experiencing. She is remarkably clear in her boundaries and in her discernment and asks the same from those who interact with her. Oh, if we could all be so balanced! My dog B is one big heart, looking to brighten the day of all who meet her. She lives her life from a place of joy and ease, plays when she likes, works with me if needed, sets boundaries if they are necessary and of course, sleeps deeply for most of the day and dreams of rabbits and large grassy fields. 

  I think it is all summed up in a statement that came up in a session yesterday, namely, I give permission for my spirit to let go of the past. So many of us are weighed down by countless “duties and responsibilities,” feelings of guilt, stored emotion and trauma or other impediments to our growth and movement into our potential. We are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders and then wondering why we are so exhausted when the end of the day arrives. The interesting thing is that often no one has asked us to carry this weight. This is a personal choice, possibly made from a need to control or a feeling of responsibility or duty. It goes without saying that we can also choose to release this weight. Perhaps, what our animals show us is how to gracefully and lovingly let go of those patterns and aspects that no longer serve the highest good of our physical, emotional and energetic aspects? As seen in our animals, when we lighten our load it is amazing how easy and joyful it all becomes! 

  With my 30th birthday now behind me, I feel ready to embark on the next leg of my journey and metaphorically shatter the glass ceiling that I have created for myself. My animals and clients, as always, are here to help, showing me aspects to become aware of, weights ready to be let go and the lightness of feeling my perceived burdens melt away. Not surprisingly, at the beginning of May, myself, Diva and B are headed to the 320 acre Gateway 2 Ranch for a four month adventure that promises to be as rejuvenating and purifying as it is spiritually healing and deepening. Stay tuned!


Alexa Linton, is a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner, a Kinesiologist, Reiki Practitioner and an Equine Sport Therapist. 

Published by Alexa Linton

Alexa Linton, is a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner, a Kinesiologist, Reiki Practitioner and an Equine Sport Therapist. Her main area of interest is in working with animals and their owners to promote enhanced connection and balance.