Life Transition

It was with a "thud” that I received word I had lost an important government contract. Well over half of my income would now be gone. I felt emotionally drained. I really did not want to try to figure out how to replace that income with more of the same kind of work as a therapist.

In the midst of the heaviness of that day, I received a phone call from a local company wanting to pick my brains. Happily, I gave away thousands of dollars of free information and tips.

Then it hit me. I was being called to make a shift into something that I had been passionate about all my adult life.

That day was over a year ago. My life has been in one huge transition ever since. Starting a brand new company while making little income has pushed all my financial panic buttons! I move back and forth between feeling elated, excited and enthusiastic to feeling scared, overwhelmed, inadequate and worried.

And what major change in one’s life isn’t filled with such emotions to some degree or another?

Others around me have been encouraging, saying that now is a good time to start such a company, encouraging me to follow my passion, offering suggestions and ideas and listening to me when I am in one of those panic moments. My ever-patient parents have even helped with a low-interest loan.

I have drawn on my internal resources as well. Too easily I would evaluate my self-esteem according to whether I was signing contracts. Slowing down and refocusing on the fact my soul was saying something quite different has been the most helpful inner resource. Knowing that I am not alone in this venture, that the Divine has a wish for our planet and its way-ward children, that I am a part of what is needed. With such a calling I "know” that I will be okay as I transition through this sometimes confusing time. Indeed, I know that I eventually will be more than okay!

Ultimately, having a solid purpose in my life, and giving to and receiving from others, have been the most rewarding and spiritually enlightening parts of this drastic change in my life. I am not dependent on my money nor my things. I am called to be a part of something much bigger.

I believe that at our most painful, frightening times, we are being offered an opportunity to make needed changes and to step forward. I don’t wish such pain and fear on anyone, but so appreciate how I and others often do make needed changes – simply because it is too difficult to carry on in the old way!

In the same way as energy prices (and thus food prices and everything else) rapidly ramps up in future years, the resulting pain will move us to stop acting like children who expect cheap fossil fuels to satisfy our wants, and to work more closely together to create a more sustainable world. The signs are around us that we are beginning to enter into the greatest period of global change to have ever confronted the human race. Will we resist it, curse it, or use it to make positive changes in our own lives and that of our home, planet earth? How we answer this question will determine whether or not our species survives at all.

I am glad that as we move into this time of change, we do so with both the planet and divine energy cheering us on!

Ian Gartshore is a minister, therapist and green energy advisor with Shore Energy Solutions. He also volunteers as President of Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island (