Lifestyle Redesign

Redesigning the now. That’s my approach to creating balance in my everyday life.

Regular readers may remember when I wrote about my need to change what I’m doing every couple of years. Well, that time has come again. I knew it because I was feeling anything but harmony in my life.

Over the years, I have learned to trust my intuition. On the last day of my daughter’s kindergarten class, I unexpectedly sobbed as I drove to the office. It suddenly hit me that the school year had gone so fast and I felt as if I had missed it all. I had not been involved in that part of her life in a way that I had wanted to. After all, I always thought there would be another day. More time.

I realized that I was choosing loyalty and work ethic over other values that have a higher priority for me right now. I had become depleted. Not only was I physically unavailable, the stress left me feeling emotionally unavailable too. It had been going on for some time. Until that day, I was avoiding how serious it had become.

I had to make a change. I knew that I didn’t want to feel the same way next year. So, without much thought, I put my change into motion. It took less than three months to redesign my lifestyle.

Reflecting back, I realize that the best decisions I have made were the ones that were based on my intuition rather than my "objectiveā€¯ thought process. Let’s face it. Money is a powerful force in decision-making that easily pulls us away from what our intuition is telling us.

Yet, when I act on my intuition, I believe that I am tapping into a core truth within me that will eat away at me if denied. I have never felt regret using this type of decision-making.

So, here I am with a shift in lifestyle. I am still working but with reduced hours, more flexibility, and a focus on the work I enjoy. I walk my daughter to and from school daily. I have time to take care of myself. I rarely have to rush anymore. I feel less stressed. I am feeling more energized and positive. I am starting to feel like I have something left to give again.

And with that shift, I am able to extend positive rather than negative energy to others. This lifestyle redesign, intended for myself, is a way to extend good energy to the world around me. Or, at least to the people who have to put up with being in the same space as me!

Who knows how long this redesign will last. I guess until the next time my intuition tells me it’s time for a change. Redesign always requires making tough choices. It does require a payment. This time, I chose to pay with reduced wages and a shift in where I ranked my values of loyalty and work ethic. With that decision, I am at peace.

Time flies. Don’t wait for the tomorrows. There truly is no time like the present for your own lifestyle redesign.