Like the Birds and Bees

I remember my older brother telling me that one-day my dad was going to talk to me about "the birds and the bees”. He said it was a secret though and I would have to wait until I was a bit older. I was excited and anxious to find out about this secret. As a little nature boy, I loved wandering through the fields and forests watching the birds build their nests and tend to their young. I thought the bees were pretty cool too, even though my curiosity resulted in a few painful stings. My brother joked that I was too young to understand and dad would know when the time was right to divulge the secret of the birds and the bees.

My big bother must have known what agony this little secret would cause me. I pestered my dad for weeks until he finally gave in and sat me down for the most shocking talk of my early life. For an eleven-year old boy, who thought girls had germs, this new information changed everything. I was not sure if I had something to look forward to or something to fear. I was also confused why the birds and bees were involved in this little secret. I knew bees had stingers, but that was the only connection my innocent little mind could make to the talk.

I am older now with a new understanding that girl germs are good. The birds and bees story has a different meaning though. They are teaching us some important lessons on how to live in harmony in this beautiful but fragile environment. Mother Earth’s little creatures show us how to live from need rather than greed. Their footprint is small because their necessities are based on survival and not competition. "Look at my nest it has two floors”, well check out our hive, "we just installed a new honey tub”.

Living in harmony with Mother Nature has to become our new mantra. The natural inhabitants of this planet do not waste energy, or ship their food half way around the world, or leave a big mess in their wake. They work hard in unison for the benefit of their community, they nurture their young and some of them even fly south for the winter. So, who are the wise ones? We have a lot to learn, a lot to make up for and a lot to give back. Our track record has not been very good and it is time we chart a new course for our survival.

The true leaders are towing us along the right path. The organic food producers, peaceful protesters, natural healers, energy conservationists, ecologists, naturalists, and many other caring souls are lighting the way with their wisdom and love. The animals know who they are and they support them along the way. As for the rest of us, the animals are patient, because they know that you can teach an old dog a new trick. It is time we do it like the birds and the bees.