Listening to Our Hearts

“Well, Wendy,” I’m asked, “Okay then, I believe that it’s true that my children are helping me learn my lessons by mirroring the belief systems that don’t serve my higher purpose…But, Wendy- how am I supposed to know the difference- the difference between when they are ‘teaching’ me, and when I am supposed to be teaching them?”

Good question! I, (like all humans, busily walkin’ my path) constantly struggle with this dilemma myself.

How am I to know what to do when my children are screaming at each other? Is it best if I interfere, walk away, or breathe and ask myself, “Now, what am I meant to be learning here?”

It’s not easy to give you an answer on ‘the general’, because the rule of ‘the specific’ is always in play. If you pay attention to the immediate present moment, the answer of what to do, will present itself to you.

The heart, (your intuition) will always speak- if you give it a chance. So, take that deep breath in, hold it, and then release. A couple times, and then you will know what you are meant to do in the current situation.

Our heart always leads us to the path of integrity: honest, loving, powerful, truth. Our immediate reaction, (our impulse) is our conscious mind- replaying the belief systems of our sub/unconscious minds.

This is where we store the beliefs that we’ve learned. The ones that we feel we don’t have control over: our anger, our frustration, our loneliness, our sadness, our guilt, and our grief. They are all attached to a belief system.

Recognizing that, when we feel our anger, we can acknowledge it- “This is MY anger I feel.” Own it, breathe, and then ask your heart/intuition where this anger comes from.

The heart will reply; it always does. We are just so conditioned, in our society, to rely on our rational mind/head, instead of our heart.

You’ll feel the difference when it is your heart speaking; it’s uplifting, inspiring- it feels like a ’good’ knowing. Positive. Reactions from our head, on the contrary, often leave us feeling upset with ourselves, or others. Negative.

Listening to your heart is the secret to peace, love, and understanding.

When you listen to your intuitive answers as to why, you are choosing peace in knowing that there is a reason for everything. And the correct answer for you, lies within you.

You are choosing love, because loving yourself always starts with accepting yourself, just the way you are today. Not how you hope you’ll be in the future. Not regretting that which you’ve done in the past, causing you to judge yourself. It is loving yourself as the perfect being you are today, because everything that happened was meant to. And your heart lovingly guides you to this understanding.

The understanding that if you always listen to the answers in the moment, as to what it is best for you to do, you will realize that there is no right, and no wrong, just what is. And, what is, is perfect for right now, because of the lessons you’re meant to be learning.

So, back to my children arguing loudly. What did my heart say? Let them be. Why? Because their screaming lead to my thinking, “What will the neighbours think- if they heard?”

So, therein lies the answer to my lesson. I was caring about what other people think. My fear of judgment from others was just an outward extension of how I judge myself.

Releasing this fear, allows me to achieve peace, love, and understanding for myself, knowing that this was an important lesson I needed to learn.

Imagine the beautiful world we will create, when we all start listening to our hearts. Isn’t it time? Peace awaits us.