Living More Consciously

Today many of us want to live our lives consciously. What does that mean for you? Each and every one of us that is on the path to conscious living perceives this differently. I had a visit with a friend of mine today that made that fact more concrete for me. As usual I look at things from my bias, meaning totally mind and spirit based. She opened the door for me to look at the practical side of living ecologically as well.

My life has become very simplified over the last few years and I must say much easier to live. After my life circumstances changed in my late 40’s, due to necessity, I had a lot fewer possessions and I found out exactly to what degree my possessions had really possessed me. Freedom became much more of a reality for me.

I was at the National Guild of Hypnotists a few years ago and was listening to a few hypnotists jamming. The singer was singing the song “Me and Bobby McGee” as she hit the line “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to loose”. I became very emotional, tears just flowing down my face. This may not have happened in any other place but in the context I was in, having done a lot of inner trance work on myself and others, my mind was letting me know there was some more territory to clean up. My environment needed a clean up. Freedom is a very illusive state of being in our world. So I did the inner work and became one step closer to that freedom. I won’t go into the reasons for the emotions, as this article is about living consciously and that’s my mind and spirit evolution of consciousness. 

I continue to live simply and not only from necessity but from choice. When my friend talked about living more ecologically I realized that this part of living simply needed to be revved up. So I started to look around at what I could do to increase my awareness of this aspect of simplicity. Various things popped up at me such as becoming more aware of my energy consumption, and my own impact on the environment.

I have always said that change comes one person at a time and then you affect those around you .The footprint you leave may seem very insignificant to you but add up all the foot prints and the impact is huge. Again if you look out for your own footprints, that is all you need to do, as others will learn by your example and their own necessity. So look at cleaning up your environment on the inside and let that inner reflection create a new conscious way of living on the outside. I constantly need to be reminded that it’s not just mind and spirit. Maybe you live more in the physical and look at life from that side so pay attention to your friends who may show you the others levels of living a life of simplicity. I promise to remind you of conscious living of the mind and spirit and you remind me of the physical aspects so we can live more harmoniously with our environment on all levels.


Ines Simpson is a Board Certified Hypnotist and a Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She works out of the Waves Of Potential Clinic in Qualicum Beach.