Love Me Some Politics!

With her three children grown and her education complete, Rae Kornberger stays in Nanaimo because of her radio show. A Sense of Justice airs every Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:00pm on CHLY radio. She initially became involved with the show in early 2007 as a means of preserving her sanity. She went solo in 2009 and absolutely loves doing her weekly show on human rights, democracy and local issues.

Photo by Denisa Krausova

Fuelled by an intense dislike of stupidity and hypocrisy, Kornberger learns something every week as she prepares for her one-hour show. She watches talk shows, listens to radio and reads online in order to get ideas. She recognizes that her truth may not be other people’s truth, and it isn’t her intent to impose her beliefs. Instead, she wants people to discover what matters to them. Whether that is idling cars, water wastage or wet housing, you can get informed on a variety of issues by listening to A Sense of Justice.

Kornberger credits CHLY with teaching her a tremendous number of skills and feels that it is a huge asset to the community. She has learned about social media, how to research and program a show, download, upload, you name it. Her involvement with independent radio has helped develop technical and journalistic skills that are both varied and valuable. In addition, she cites her CHLY experience with enabling her to be more confident in who she is.

Passionate about politics and local issues that affect us all, Kornberger is amazed at the opportunity that CHLY provides. “Where else can I talk for an hour about whatever topic pleases me?” she muses.  Kornberger sends out loads of email invites and although she gets some replies from community members, she wishes she got more.

If you have an idea or topic that needs more exposure, or would like to engage in a discussion on class slavery, deficit ceilings or the harmonized sales tax, tune in to a Sense of Justice every Wednesday from 7:00-8:00pm, 101.7 fm.

Alison Roberts is passionate about the politics of consumption and the clutter created by ‘retail therapy’. She thrives on treasures found in thrift stores and supports independent radio.