Loving What Is

Love and accept what is. How many of us have heard this phrase or a variation of it before? How many of us are actually living it? Speaking from personal experience, this can be a tough pill to swallow for many of us of the human persuasion. The great irony is our human desire to change ourselves, others, and for that matter, pretty much everything in our lives, into “something better” or “different” is, quite possibly, one of the most common causes of human suffering. Whenever we are wishing for something else, we are missing the opportunity to enjoy the moment at hand. For a moment think of an animal in your life. Are they concerned about changing you or themselves, losing weight, or how others perceive their appearance? Because this little (or large) creature is focused entirely on the present, there is no consideration of what they don’t have, how they “should” look, or who they would like to be when they grow up. They are simply accepting and loving what is in every moment. 

  How many of us have tried to change someone? Perhaps tried to make them more like what we think a well-adjusted, beautiful and successful person should be? My guess is that your success in this venture was slim. You may have even found that the result was the opposite of your hopes, with your candidate for change rebelling against your attempted control, now with a possible blow to their self-esteem. Here’s my question… do you feel your time and energy in this situation was well spent?

  The same is often true when we try to force change on ourselves. We may even meet up with an inner rebellion against our self-control. These changes are often based on a negative foundation and therefore, chances of success are poor. For example, when we try to diet from a place of wanting to lose weight due to low self-acceptance and self judgement, we will not be as successful as when this change has a positive foundation of self-acceptance and love. Through the positive desire to nourish and heal our bodies and minds we can make lasting shifts to our diet and lifestyle, leading to many positive effects.  

  In a culture where control is a constant and where striving to be different and rejecting the truth about ourselves is the norm, animals seem to provide some insight into potential relief. Study the animals around you, both domestic and wild, for just a few moments every day. Currently my household is snoring contentedly, with no concerns about being judged or criticized. They are relaxed, without a care in the world, chasing blissfully after imaginary squirrels. They seem to understand that life always has the potential to be just plain fantastic. I think we could all take a page out of that book. 

  The truth is that “what is” is always an opportunity for learning, every time. Like so many things, it seems to all come back to how we perceive our experience. Our beliefs, conditioning and fears can  distort our perception of the truth that is all around us. Looking at the world through animal eyes, it is plain to see that life is wonderful just as it is!

Alexa Linton, is a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner, a Kinesiologist, Reiki Practitioner and Equine Sport Therapist.

Published by Alexa Linton

Alexa Linton, is a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner, a Kinesiologist, Reiki Practitioner and an Equine Sport Therapist. Her main area of interest is in working with animals and their owners to promote enhanced connection and balance.