Low Sex Drive – Infertility – High-Risk-Pregnancies – Miscarriages – Early Onset of Menopause

Why do the above listed problems happen? What happens in our bodies to create such problems?

All beings and plants have an innate drive to ensure their species will not disappear from the surface of the Earth. They multiply. So it surprised me to hear from one of my clients that 50% of her friends have had miscarriages. Why would this be?

Take for instance, the story of a shipwrecked couple who lived six months in a life-raft. During that time, the woman did not menstruate. Her body instinctively said "NO” to the possibility of becoming pregnant..

A woman has to have enormous resources to produce a healthy baby. The growing fetus takes what it needs from the mother. So it makes sense that in cases of miscarriages, the fetus may not be getting the nutrients, healthy fats and other necessities it requires from the mother.

It’s no secret that the nutritional value of our food is rapidly declining. Statistics show that the nutrients in fruit and vegetables declined from 1986 – 1995 between 12 % and 92%. And on top of this, we are eating far too much food that is processed. Our bodies are starving in front of full tables! We are tired. Many gain weight. We crave sweets, processed carbohydrates or coffee for quick spikes of energy just to get through the day.

Studies show that 90% of all Europeans are malnourished. It is also possible to become malnourished due to taking the wrong supplements. Sometimes supplements are not properly ingested or "available” to the bodies’ cells and are simply "passed” right through. A plant consists of about 12,000 chemical components. Nobody knows how much these components need each other to be fully effective.

So what happens when we are malnourished but want to have children?

1. Lack of sex drive – We are exhausted and tired because we do not get the nutrients we need.

2. Infertility- the body says "From what am I supposed to make a baby?” Sometimes infertility is caused due to stress or a blockage of the Chi-flow in the Meridian-system.. Acupressure or Acupuncture are then quite effective.

3. High-risk pregnancy – the body says, "I have limited resources. Rest, so that you use as little as possible from the nutrients available. You need to eat better food. You need to reduce stress.”

4. Miscarriage – the body says "I do not have the resources to produce a baby.”

Throughout my grandmother’s child bearing years, she always had one child, then one miscarriage; one child, then one miscarriage, etc. Obviously her body was saying, "You are not ready yet”.

Something else can also happen. When there is a genetic disorder, such as Marfan Syndrome. It seems to affect the youngest child the most often. Why? After several children, the mother’s organism was exhausted and the poor gene caused the syndrome to manifest.

Our Immune system acts in the same manner: when we are not eating right, we’ll become sick. We cannot have healthy, strong babies when our nutrition is poor.

It is also no wonder why some women are now starting menopause at the age of 40 rather than 47-50. It is a precaution. The body is no longer fit to make a healthy baby. In former times, women had children with Down-Syndrome when they were around 45. I know of families now where the mothers were aged 30-35 when the Down Syndrome child was born.

A test with several generations of cats that were fed cooked, processed food showed that every following generation had earlier and earlier degenerative diseases … at the end, they were not even able to multiply.

This is exactly what is now happening to humans.

To ensure that we are healthy into our later years, it is important to be vigilant with what we ingest. No micro-waved food and no gene manipulated food. This destroys the molecular structure so that your body does not know what to do with it. Eat the best foods possible: organic and as much uncooked as possible. Cold pressed lemon juice in the morning is great, as it makes you alkaline. Nearly all juices are pasteurized and have a different effect on the body. The body needs to be alkaline to be able to absorb all nutrients. Taking care of our own health is essential to maintaining optimum energy and increasing our levels of health as we age.

Anna-Christine Doehring is a Certified Practitioner and Health Consultant . She owns Energy All Around Therapies and has clients in Canada, USA, Germany, and Spain. She can be reached at 250-756-2235, www.energyallaround.com