METAMORPHOBIC? – The Fear of Change and the Obligation of Choice

“He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.” – Harold Wilson

The human being instinctively mistrusts change. After having fought for centuries to secure his cave in the wilderness and to acquire his mate, primitive man was probably not over the moon about the arrival of new and strange peoples from far off lands who might steal his woman and his hard-won resources.

Human institutions are similarly Metamorphobic, publicly affirming the necessity for advancement whilst privately sustaining many a status quo, with the whispering voices in hushed corridors repeating “if it ain’t broke…”

Change is upon us. It is upon us now and always. It is the furnace that drives the engine of evolution, and the mechanism by which our race evolves. Nature has change interwoven into her fabric. Seasons change, races change, oceans and planets and solar systems and universes change.

In fact, to give change her due, the entire of existence is truthfully one massive alteration: from a mathematically nonsensical singularity to a scientifically translatable universe. Change is a fundamental law of the universe.

And yet much of humanity is fundamentally opposed to change. The religions of the world are constantly resisting the pull of the future, attempting to decode a universe without the tools of science, and within the frameworks of centuries old tomes. Politicians across the globe, terrified to upset a delicate imbalance, watch with frustration as the ice caps melt and the skies turn more ashen with each passing annum. The corporations of the world refuse to adapt to a heating planet, preferring to ostrich-exist, heads in sand and profits still a-climbing. And even our humble selves, trapped as we all are in certain circumstances we would prefer not to have, fear to get up from the couch, to visit the library, to take that Spanish course, to leave our husband, to marry our woman.

So where does that leave us? What does it tell us?

Simply put, change is not an option. One may ride its waves or be buried, Atlantis-like, beneath them. We may not stop them. So: the answer?

The trick is to learn how best to USE it to one’s advantage. For example: a good many of today’s religious leaders are, rather than rejecting the teachings of the sciences, incorporating them more and more into their own belief structures. Accordingly, a larger section of the scientific community (the plethora of pseudoscience notwithstanding) is focusing more than ever on the actual meaning of their findings, rather than the cold hardness of the mere facts. A handful of the braver politicians now understand that popular opinion should be nobly led from the front lines rather than pandered to; and thus we see more of them speaking practically on climate change.

When the change winds pick up, the wise thing to do is hoist the sails. When the waves of evolution intensify, then paddle like a madman and prepare to life-surf your knuckles off. Next time you feel the cold shadow and terror of some impending alteration to your established way of doing things, just consider from whence you and your own kin actually came:

Big Bang Single Cell Sea-based lifeform Land-based Primate Human

We are in fact the kings and queens of metamorphosis, the changelings of the cosmos. In which case, when those winds blow strong, when that wave rides high, enjoy it; embrace it; and make it work for you by choosing the course you believe will profit you the best.


Stephen “TALENT” Brocklehurst is a Liberal, Selfist, Humanist, Demoratic, Meritocratic, and Lifeaholic writer, actor, rapper, broker, philosopher, son, friend, and social escort based out of London, England.

Published by Stephen Brocklehurst

Stephen "Talent" Brocklehurst is a Liberal, Selfist, Humanist, Democratic, Meritocratic, and Lifeaholic writer, actor, rapper, broker, philosopher, son, friend, and social escort based out of London, England.