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As a hypnotherapist, I work on everything from the "clinical” (such as pre and post operative issues, pain, smoking cessation and more) to the spiritual end of the spectrum. Ultimately, my heart goes to the end of the spectrum in my work, as I’m spiritually motivated to evolve my own soul. This is also my favorite place to work with clients. So, how does one create spiritual harmony within oneself?

Harmony within oneself is created by letting go of fears. Knowing that fears are illusions. The acronym for FEAR is false evidence appearing real. Since I believe in reincarnation and karma, I’ll look at this topic from that perspective. I believe we are here to experience, to learn, to express unconditional love and let go of all our fears. Look at your fears and you see some of your karma. I’m talking about all our fears – be they neurotic, fear based emotions, such as prejudice, hate, envy, etc. or the fears of intimacy, fear of success, fear of commitment etc.

My ultimate goal is to be able to function from a place of detached mind. What that means is total acceptance of what is without resistance. As Buddha said "It is your resistance to what is that causes your suffering” The other thing you need to understand is unconditional love. Expressing unconditional love is a matter of accepting others without trying to change them to, without expectation, blame or trying to control. It is also about being compassionate.

Let me give you a simple explanation of karma: If you act positively, you’ll experience harmony. If you act negatively you’ll experience disharmony. The word karma means action. We have mental, physical and verbal action. From the karmic viewpoint, the effects of your actions are harmonious, disharmonious or neutral. The world we are experiencing is brought about by our collective harmony. That is why I say our harmony within ourselves affects everything and everyone.

There is no halfway if you believe in karma. It either is or isn’t. There is meaning to life or we live in a random universe. It is or isn’t! If you believe that it is, there can be no blame. You take complete responsibility for your experiences. To me karma makes sense, it’s the only way there is justice. How else can you explain all the things that go on in this world? To me karma explains that. I had some say to me the other day, "Why do I have to be punished this way?” It’s not punishment, it’s about experience. Karma is about cause and effect. We definitely create our own experience. I can’t cover everything in this article but suffice it to say that wisdom erases karma. If understanding and unconditional love are established the lesson has been learned and no longer do those type of experiences have to come up. Spiritual evolution is a path; do you wish to take it? Allow harmony within and start on awareness of living life from the detached mind viewpoint.

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