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How do we change a state of being In a " down mood" to an up beat mood? How do we change the perception that life is "hard and then you die"?

Notice that most of the sayings and clichés you hear out there are negative. We don’t realize that as we use these, we program ourselves to live this way. So change the language that you use. Laugh more! I always go back to the man who cured himself by laughter! He watched funny movies, read jokes and made laughter his choice. You can too!

I know this may not seem easy if you wake up in a negative state of mind. There is another old saying, "Fake it till you make it. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile, keep smiling and soon you’ll feel like smiling. Tell yourself something funny or just laugh! It’s surprising how much better you feel. Do this continually for a while and then it will just happen naturally, you will have created a new habit – one of feeling happy.

We start being programmed to live the life we lead when we take our first breath at birth, and I believe even earlier. This is why many new mothers start talking to their children in the womb. So program yourself and your loved ones with positive words and laughter.

The most important time of our lives is the early years between the ages of 0 and 8. This is the time of our life that the mind doesn’t have what we in the hypnosis profession call "critical factor" .This means we don’t use that part of our conscious mind that says "Do I accept this?” Once we have this critical factor in place, our subconscious pretty well filters everything we think and hear. That is what Hypnotists do: we help to reprogram your mind to accept the positive things you want in your life.

You also can reprogram yourself consciously by being positive, and saying

positive things to yourself. There are some rules to positive affirmations

that you need to abide by if you want to change things.

Make sure you always make your statement in the positive e.g.-" I am in the

process of becoming healthy, happy and fit." Never use sentences like "I don’t

……" as this may be a positive idea but it is stated in a negative way. The mind drops the don’t and you achieve the opposite of what is intended.

Make the statement as believable as you can. E.g.- someone who knows they are overweight saying to themselves " I’m thin and healthy" the subconscious says – that doesn’t fit the programming and rejects the affirmation. On the other hand if they say " I’m in the process of becoming trim and healthy – the subconscious will accept this as


Make the statement in the present and in the 1st person. E.g. " I eat small meals!" Note I did not say " I will eat small meals" as the subconscious hears the ’will’ and puts it off for the future.

So be positive and laugh it up- Remember – -" Fake It Till You Make It!"