Mind & Body Health

How do you nourish yourself? Most people would expect the answer to be nutrition or physical activity. Both are quite important! When I think of nourishment, I think of nourishing the spirit and the mind.

I replenish myself through meditation or self-hypnosis. I call myself a "hypno-junkie” because I’m totally connected to feeling of peace and tranquillity that supplies all the essential nutrients for my spirit and mind which, in turn, keeps my body nourished and happy. I go into an altered state daily by myself and quite often with a group of friends. The group compounds the nourishment, the love and the caring we have for each other is taken in on a very deep level of spirit.

I was sickly as a child and well into adulthood where I finally got a diagnosis from my doctor: I had fibromyalgia. I had been told, or was made to feel, that my illness was all in my head. I was finally vindicated! I really was sick. I started to take a course to become a Hypnotherapist and realized that it really was all in my head. As I became consistent in my practice of self-hypnosis, the symptoms started to disappear. I had started to provide nourishment for the inner self. I took responsibility to change the effects life had had on me and started to thrive. I became healthier in middle age than I had been as a child. This was life changing and it is provided by nature, completely free. My health issues are now a thing of the past and any minor symptoms that develop don’t thrive very long in my well nourished spirit.

This is a special time of year for me as I can meditate in nature, allowing all the power therein to deeply nourish my soul. I walk on the beach and allow all my senses to relish the banquet. I allow the altered state of consciousness that I’m in to replenish my spirit. Those of you that meditate outdoors may have noticed how wildlife responds to the feel of the energy that you put out in that state. The deer may come quite close in to check you out and sense you. The animals and birds seem drawn to you, and this further strengthens your spirit.

The sunrise the other day was spectacular. How could the day be anything but great, after that experience is integrated within? Our spirit drinks from nature’s cup and nourishes us on a very deep level.

Many people achieve these altered states of consciousness through physical activity, such as running. Yoga also accomplishes this for its practitioners. One might say, "that’s fine, but I don’t have the time”!

I have discovered that when I nurture myself and give myself time, the rest of life starts to run smoother and I "don’t sweat the small stuff”.

Find some time to replenish and nourish your spirit in this wonderful place we live. Let the trees, the ocean and the rest of nature talk to your spirit and your soul will be replete and well nourished. Life comes into balance as you make this your reality.