Mind & Body Health

I believe we can change the world. And I believe the largest change needed is a raising of consciousness. What is consciousness? To me, becoming conscious is becoming aware. When we think of highly conscious people, we may think of Mother Theresa or the Dalai Lama. What needs to happen is to have our collective consciousness continue to steadily increase. We are all on the way to enlightenment. No matter what religious or spiritual persuasion we are, we each understand that in our own way.

Mother Theresa was asked to join an "anti war” march and she declined, saying that she would be quite willing to join them in the future when they had a "peace” rally. We create our lives and the condition of our world with how and what we think. At the moment, society as a whole is creating a whole lot of negativity and disease even though that may not be the intention. We have war in Iraq, the war on the drugs, the war on terrorism. The more we "war”, the more negativity is created. So as you go about your life you can choose as Mother Theresa did to march in the peace rally. This aspect is lost on most people who are attempting to implement change, be it health, a relationship or world peace.

Many people today are busy watching some of the great new movies that are out like "The Secret” or "What the Bleep do We Know”. Taking those concepts a little further, we can see that the more we struggle against something, the more we attract the very thing we struggle against. If we focus on becoming debt free, we actually attract more debt rather than prosperity. Even Oprah is on board and talking about this stuff! They key is to notice when we are in struggle mode. Then, we can consciously change whatever we are struggling against and put it into a positive frame. As change is created in our own life, we affect everything else and consciousness is raised.

So rather than protest – rally for something! The more positive "vibes” get created, the more things improve.

We must go within to change ourselves, as we are unable to do the change for someone else. Each of us may have an effect on someone or something as we change and those people will also change themselves. It is akin to the movie "Pay it Forward”, the change doesn’t double, it compounds. That boy had an effect on others as he became conscious of what needed to be done. Let’s stop the struggle, go out and affect the world in a positive way. Create beauty within… the effort is well worth it.

Ines Simpson is a board certified hypnotherapist, instructor and metaphysical counsellor working in both Parksville and Nanaimo.