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Do you believe in love at first sight? If you do, what do you think causes this phenomenon? I just want to throw a theory out there for your perusal and consideration.

Sometimes we meet people with whom we connect with deeply within an instant. Such as the moment our eyes meet or hands touch. I do believe that people fall in love at first sight, but I do not believe that it is our "first meeting.” How about considering the idea that you already know that person at another level? For example, you may have had a relationship of some kind in another lifetime.

There are many indications of this in Past Life Recall as many well known researchers have looked at this subject – including such people as Richard Sutphen, Raymond Moody, Ian Stevensen and Dr. Edith Fiore just to mention a few.

It can get very complicated at this point because I believe that everything is all happening at once. So the possibility is what we consider "past” lives are actually all transpiring at the same time.

Now I can’t always wrap my rational brain around that. I know by experience that the rational part of me is the least knowledgeable so I tend to go more with what I intuitively know. Quantum physics is causing us to think in a different way today than we may have done in the past. Just as we decided the world isn’t flat, we are now coming to the conclusion that we are but one dimension of many. Science is now coming to believe that neither time nor space is real. So, as we live everything "in the now” we are also affected by the other lives that are ongoing.

When someone says to me now "Ines, you’re unreal! I agree.

The more I realize how unreal everything is, the easier my life becomes. I tend to look at my experience here as a movie. The decisions and actions I make write the story and the ending. Many stories are all running concurrently, some bleeding through and affecting the movie I’m aware of living in now.

I know of experiences of couples in regression that they continually run the same movie for many lifetimes. All are experienced in different settings. For example, in one of the books ( I believe Dr. Fiore’s book ) there was a couple who fell in love at first sight . They were starting to have big issues in their relationship and went for counseling. It became evident in the regressions that violence had transpired in each lifetime due to jealousy. With the counselling and the hypnosis, they stopped repeating the pattern of the movie and the ending changed. As the

saying goes and they lived happily ever after (that saying could open up a whole new can of worms).

Just consider the patterns in your life that you are in the now with. Which ones would you like to never have to experience again? Look for the lesson , learn it and the pattern changes.

Ines Simpson is a board certified hypnotherapist, instructor and metaphysical counsellor working in both Parksville and Nanaimo.