Mind & Body Health – Accelerated Healing

When you use hypnosis with specific healing affirmations, and use them wholeheartedly, you cannot only accelerate healing and effect sometimes even instant healing, but you can also recover from illnesses, or those kinds of health problems which may be considered incurable.

The information provided here is not intended to replace the opinion of your medical practitioner, but rather to be used in conjunction with any other appropriate medical treatment. There are times when people are faced with health problems for which the modern medical science doesn’t have any permanent solution and when these techniques could help tremendously – even save a person’s life.

At Christmas time, Ines, my business partner and mentor, was carving some meat off a bone. She accidentally carved her finger with a deep slice that needed immediate care. Ines ran the cut finger under the cold-water tap and immediately began self-hypnosis. The results were truly amazing and within half an hour the cut had closed, the pain reduced, and healing continued at an amazing pace. The next day, the finger showed deep bruising, but the wound was clean, and the cells were regenerating and creating the finger back to its original state. This was a "close to home” example of how we can ask our body to speed the healing process and have it respond quickly and effectively.

It may help you to keep in mind that our body is changing all the time and that new cells are constantly replacing old one’s according to the blueprint we hold in our subconscious mind. As you work with the hypnosis process to replace the blueprint held in your subconscious mind, you are causing the cells and tissues in your body to form according to new, healthy, patterns.

You will achieve the fastest results if you keep on repeating this process a number of times (even 30 – 60 times, or as long as you can maintain your focus and concentration). What you are really doing is impressing new memory, new experience in your feelings, so it doesn’t matter how accurate or detailed your imagery is, but rather how much you are able to create the feeling of perfect health and then just superimpose it over the memories about your past. Going over the past memories and changing them helps to wipe out any impressions of illness from your subconscious. You are then eradicating the roots of the illness, so that you can have permanent healing.

When you move through your life with images and feelings of perfect health, you can do it as fast as if you were fast forwarding a movie on a video player, and it doesn’t need to take more than 2 minutes or even less, so 30 repetitions would take about an hour. If you really get into it wholeheartedly, you will experience noticeable improvement even after the very first one-hour session. You will be able to watch the miracle unfold before your very eyes.

If you are new to using self-hypnosis, then it may take you a little bit longer to get the results, but if you persist you will get the results.